Save Maschine Sound chain as Complete Kontrol preset.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Bonus Beats, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Save Maschine Sound chain as Complete Kontrol preset, this could/should include the main sampler or VST (third party or NI) and all effects (third party or NI). This newly saved Komplete Kontrol preset can be be loaded into your DAW via Komplete Kontrol interface/VST.

    This could help make it easier to move sounds out of the Maschine environment and into a full DAW. Drag and drop of MIDI with modulations would be a bonus.

    The problem when moving these types of things into a DAW is that all the ideas you had started for processing are going to ether get locked into an audio loop or lost upon exporting and reimporting parts into DAWs.

    One problem that helps to make all these suggestions not possible is the fact that you can't open komp;ete kontrol inside a Maschine sound. Yes I know that is very redundant but it could also have advantages.