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Saying Good-Bye

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by Hey-DJ, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Hey-DJ

    Hey-DJ Forum Member

    I've been a loyal NI user since 2003. I remember my first Traktor DJ Studio 1.5 and 2.0 like it was yesterday. Here we are in 2016 and I use Traktor Pro 2.6.8 (can never get the higher versions to work right) and after 13 years of using NI, I still have software crashes in the middle of a DJ set. The only viable solution I have found to get rid of the bugs and software crashes is to do a complete uninstall and reinstall everything. That sucks....

    I've invested too much money into this software and their hardware, but now I'm saying good-bye and never coming back. I DJ'd a wedding last night and in the middle of it, my software just stopped....just stopped... no playing music, nothing. Had to completely shut down the software and totally reboot it. Not the PC, the software. You can see my PC stats in my signature.

    I had to switch to my Tablet to fill the dead air while waiting for this lousy software to reboot. My tablet finished the night flawlessly and made me realize, I no longer need my laptop and NI. I was able to transition very smoothly from one track to the next, cue up tracks, add effects etc... No one could tell the difference from the laptop to the tablet. The best part is, I DON"T NEED A MIDI CONTROLLER WITH IT.

    So good-bye to all you NI users, the years have been good, but I'm moving on since NI seems to no longer care about the quality of their product.
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  2. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    Not good when you have such long standing loyal customers leaving. I agree that NI need to have a serious look at its customer support and try to fix the well known issues that have plagued both PC and Mac users for the last few years.

    As I've said before, first and foremost, stability is what we want in new releases - across both PC and Mac - as there are plenty of us who have invested an immense amount of time and money into Traktor and we deserve stability so that we have the confidence to do any gig without fear of dropouts or crashes.

    I get paid well for my gigs and I've invested this money in what was once an extremely solid software package with hardware to match. The fact that I'm currently stuck on a 2 year old version of Traktor (2.6.8 released on 28th Feb 2014) running on a 2.5 year old OS (10.8.5 released on 3rd October 2013) just so I don't get a very well known and documented "IOAudioStream" error that pause/stutter/drops audio means that there's something seriously wrong.

    I've given the newer versions of Traktor a shot, I've even invested in newer hardware to go with it in the form of a D2 and S5, but now they are gathering dust in the garage and the only reliable controllers I have are my pair of X1mk2 (and whatever CDJ2000 or NXS are in the venues). The only reason I haven't jumped ship myself is that I did find a stable combination, although I do have Rekordbox and their Performance pack, and so when clubs here in Melbourne start latching onto the new NXS2 players my hand might be forced.

    Anyhow, good luck @Hey-DJ with your new way to get the job done.
  3. Hey-DJ

    Hey-DJ Forum Member


    For the record, I don't want to leave NI. They obviously want me to leave. Like you, I charge a GOOD amount for my events (which are mostly weddings) and I've invested lots of $$$ into NI and their products.

    You and I sound like we have the EXACT same problem. One that I will no longer deal with. NI has made it clear that they could care less if I'm no longer here.

    For the record, I'm running Cross DJ on my tablet, and so far it has been very smooth and reliable. I use the split cable setup and tweeked the Advanced Settings so I could Cue Tracks. Brilliant!

    Probably going to sell all my NI equipment and buy another Tablet so I have a backup =)
  4. NitroDublin

    NitroDublin NI Product Owner

    I had no problem with software crashing, like never, but will leave Traktor for a good reason: after buying D2 for €500 and finding out stems are something that I will never use for 1; not even 1 produced track I'd like to play is made in stems format, 2; all the "features" on D2 or any othe controller for Traktor are way behind the competition, and 3; they don't give a **** about scratch/vinyl DJs at all, all the controllers are aimed at sync DJs. When I look at Pioneer DDJ-SP1, it's a simple small controller with all the features I'd want in Traktor. I'm going to hold on until a month or so more to see if the version 3 hopefully proves me wrong, if not bye bye NI. And by the way, seems like loyal customers are "idiots" for embracing new hardware when they sell less than a yer after the same thing to people that otherwise wouldn't buy for nearly HALF PRICE! So these guys can get 2 D2's for €540 from dv247.com, while I paid 1 €500 from NI. Very nice.
  5. [chris b]

    [chris b] NI Product Owner

    Yeah I'd never buy NI hardware after release. It's always discounted fairly quickly.

    As for reliability, it should be a given, particularly when computers are far more powerful than they were 5-10 years ago. Features are worthless if if you can't depend on the software not to crap out.

    Being able to roll back versions has made NI complacent though, and they just release any old ***** to meet hardware release schedules. As said above, there's still a lot of users on a 2 year old version of the software and when you consider their flagship controllers don't work on this version it's a joke.
  6. -Yul-

    -Yul- NI Product Owner

    May be that was the definition of "future (past) of djing"
  7. Hey-DJ

    Hey-DJ Forum Member

    You guys might laugh, but, yesterday after my Goodbye to NI Campaign, I ran to best buy and purchased a Samsung Galaxy View Tab. It's a 18.4 inch tablet with an octa-core processor. Sports up to 128gb micro SD, 16gb of internal storage and you can connect an external hard drive via OTG cable. Running Cross DJ in it for a couple hours last night with no flaws. Going to run it again today and everyday this week for at least a few hours straight per day.

    I'm still smh at NI. Unbelievable how they don't seem to care about the quality of their product anymore. And yes, when the new hardware came out I was very leery of it as I had already had issues with the tks4 and tks2.

    After reading the tablet method out fit the next couple weeks, I'll be either selling it throwing it my NI hardware. Or maybe I'll mount it on my wall for wall art...
  8. papagrime

    papagrime New Member

    Agree with all of the above. Cannot confidently operate past 2.6.8. Reached a point where I would not consider installing updates on our show machines.
    I am afraid that Traktor has lost any 'pro' software status with us.
  9. Hey-DJ

    Hey-DJ Forum Member

    I'll take it a step further... I've been using 2.6.8 since it came out in Feb 2014 because all the newer versions simply will not work solid. Since I still have the TKS4 MK2 I don't really need the newer version anyways. That said, 2.6.8 still crashes, often. Always just at the most wrong moment.

    I have no faith in NI anymore.
  10. Shaloo

    Shaloo NI Product Owner

    I don't know about you but I use 2.10.1 with kontrol S8 and i had a single crash in years of using traktor.
  11. klubjunk

    klubjunk New Member

    I really wish Native Instruments would wake the hell up.
    I would easily buy an S4 tomorrow if the price was reasonable.
    I play music that doesn't fit into 4/4 box. Funk, Soul, and even house trax that change tempo.
    Because NI continues to only bring out controllers now with no jog or pitch control, they are completely useless for me.

    So as a person looking for a SIMPLE SOLUTION what can I buy..
    I can go MIDI, but there are issues with using midi. LOTS.
    What does that leave me with? nothing new that's for sure.
    An S4.. ? my only option? a 2 year old controller with a 6 year old design.
    or some 3 - 4 year old controllers when they 'used' to play nice with others.

    They clearly care NOTHING about djing and only about locking in their own products.
    They clearly care NOTHING about new dj's, or revolving markets.
    Do you think the 6 controller / mixer creators come out with a new SET OF PRODUCTS every year because it is fun? no they WANT new customers. They don't EXPECT THEM.
    IF they are not going to bring new and improved, then let somebody else do it.. like pioneer and numark etc..

    Numark has a $600 mixer with screens the NV2 that blows it out of the water on options...
    Why would I pay $900 for S4 when I could get an NV2 for $600? (just a single example)
    By the way that is in canadian prices which is more horse crap as well, US it is $599 (at full price)
    Why is it $900 + tax for us Canadians? Our dollar is crap, but even with a crap dollar, the exchange is less than $800.
    Why am i paying $100 more AND taxes for no reason?

    They just seem to be doing everything to lose my business (as a dj) so they will.

    Their s4 is so over priced, I will NEVER buy it.
    It is that simple.
    The only option for me seems to be to move on as well.. Hello Selection, Price and Options (Serato)
    Bye hoping for something and never coming TRAKTOR.
    Did they think cheap software and over priced extremely limited controller selection was what dj's wanted? or did they simply hire the wrong people and completely lose the future market to serato.
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  12. skinswashdc

    skinswashdc Well-Known Member

    I hear you. The D2 is pretty easy to beat match. Coming from technic 1200s it's not bad. Sounds like the numark controller might be a better option.
  13. Stazbumpa

    Stazbumpa NI Product Owner

    I'm not sold on NI gear because I don't want to be locked into one particular software, on the other hand I can't be the only guy who managed to get Traktor working flawlessly for 2-3 nights a week of professional use since 2009.