Scarbee, reducing memory by adjusting keyrange?

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by c3boy, May 29, 2007.

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  1. c3boy

    c3boy New Member


    I use Scarbee libraries a lot, I want to only use 4 octaves worth of sample data thus reducing my memory usage, which can be allocated to other things for live use. Can I do this? I tend to play only the midrange of the library for chordal backing so If I can have a smaller sample set it would be most helpful to me.

  2. Scarbee

    Scarbee NI Product Owner

    Hi Gary,

    It should be a simple move. Load instrument and open the mapping window. Select the zones you wish to delete and delete them using the zone menu.

    After this save under another name - ex. MID (for middle)
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