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Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by TYPHY, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. TYPHY

    TYPHY Forum Member

    one small problem

    let's say in SCENE 1 > PAD1 i got my lead melody (pattern A1)

    in SCENE 2 that melody will play again.. BUT i want to add an fx to it. when i do so it add that fx to all of my other lead patterns EVEN if it's a different pattern. so what i tried to do was copy and paste PAD1 to PAD2 but when i did so... my notes didnt copy over.. all it did was assigned that lead sample to PAD2 and not the actual notes i played and recorded.

    i dont want to have to replay my lead because it's not quantized so it's pretty hard to replay it exactly. i want to copy n paste everything in PAD1 to PAD2 so i can add fx to the lead for the certain parts i want it to have.
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  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    you should be able to record the Dry Wet levels of the effect as Automation. therefore Pattern 1 could be dry and Pattern 2 could have some of the effect as part of the sound.

  3. DerDahli

    DerDahli NI Product Owner

    There is a difference between the pattern ( nidi notes + automation ) and the sound/pad. What you did was copying the sound/pad to another one. Now you have tho copy the midi notes to make the sound play again.

    1) Go to your pattern/notes and mark them with your mouse and press ctrl+c or press "select" on the Maschine hardware, choose "events" on the left Maschine display and hit shift+Pad11 to copy.

    2) Now select the new sound/pad , choose an empty pattern and hit ctrl+v or shift+pad12.

    3) Now you can change the FX or any other settings on the copied sound.

    A different aproach is to use automation settings:

    Any setting in Maschine can be automated so the FX changes will be part of the pattern.

    1) Copy the pattern by holding "pattern" + "duplicate" and then hitting first the pattern you want to copy and then the destination on the pads. Or hold "pattern" and select "duplicate" on the left Maschine screen.

    2) Select the copied pattern, hold "f2"/"auto write"(same button but different name on newer hardware version) and move the knob to change the FX settings. The parameter changes ar recorded and displayed below the midi notes and can be edited by mouse. Or go into the "step" mode, hold the pad and move the knob and the parameter change will be set to the corresponding pad.

    Hope this helps, enjoy tweaking ;-)
  4. QueMusiQ

    QueMusiQ Forum Member

    Yeah, it's really just copy and paste, like in microsoft word. Select the midi notes in pattern 1 and paste it over to pattern two. Although, there has to be a way to just use duplicate, because I've had that happen to me where I tryto copy just the sound, but I get the whole pattern.
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