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SD under XP standalone & in Logic 5.0

Discussion in 'SPEKTRAL DELAY' started by Alpha21, Mar 11, 2002.

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  1. Alpha21

    Alpha21 New Member


    I can't get Spektral Delay to work in standalone mode (through SB Live card), it fires up but if you go and load a sound file and play or click any buttons it locks the machine up (Power off/on type lockup !! )

    From within Logic 5.0, if I add SD as an effect on an audio instrument I get the following message :-

    "The VST Host Program seems to be delivering Inconsistent sample frame sizes, Audio has been disabled. Try turning the plugin off then on again to resolve this problem"

    After this the audio is silent from that Audio instrument. Removing the plugin gets the audio back but it's impossible to add anymore FX or instruments as I get an ASIO error.


    P4 2.0Ghz 850chipset
    Yamaha DSP Factory (ASIO)
    Soundblaster Live


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.