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Resolved Search by Key does not work correctly

Discussion in 'Archive' started by radiokrishna, May 2, 2018.

  1. radiokrishna

    radiokrishna NI Product Owner

    Search by Key 12m supposed to show following results: 12m, 12d, 11m, 1m. But it shows 1d instead of 1m.
    Search by Key 12d supposed to show following results: 12d, 12m, 11d, 1d. But it shows 1m instead of 1d.
    Search by Key 1m supposed to show following results: 1m, 1d, 12m, 2m. But it shows 12d instead of 12m.
    Search by Key 1d supposed to show following results: 1d, 1m, 12d, 2d. But it shows 12m instead of 12d.
    Other combinations work correctly.

    Снимок экрана 2018-05-02 в 14.34.00.png
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  2. kokernutz

    kokernutz NI Product Owner

    I reported this last year to the support team, and I quote:

    "Thanks for your report. We have referred this issue to our developers and will try to fix it in a future version, but we cannot recommend a workaround at this time."​
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  3. ErikMinekus

    ErikMinekus NI Product Owner

    On a related note, if you choose "All" and enter a BPM or Open Key value in the search field, it doesn't search in the BPM and Key fields.