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    I'm excited to present a new instrument, Secco Strings!

    Secco Strings is a highly customisable collection of Viola, Violin, Cello and Bass articulations, which goes into great depth on short strings sounds. All of the different layers and round-robins add up to over 5000 individually recorded samples

    There are two automatable XY pads:

    The Tone XY pad crossfades between different versions of the same articulation, in order to achieve a wide variety of timbres.

    The Main XY pad is more complicated. It makes it so that many parameters can be controlled interdependantly, in an intuitive way which is ideal for creating happy accidents.

    The Main XY contains a "mic" and "steps". It's kind of like a sequencer, except instead of each step going in a line, left to right, you can arrange them however you want.
    Where each step is placed in the XY pad can affect how it sounds. So, steps' positions along the X-axis can determine their panning, or it can also determine their start positions and playback directions (forward or reverse).
    Moving along the Y-axis can be made to determine the formant (this is done via shifting root-keys), or to add octave doublings to steps.
    The closer the mic is to a step, the louder its velocity will be. This way you can emphasize different steps, mixing their volumes in an intuitive, spatial way.

    Kontakt 6's new Drag and Drop feature allows you to use this clever interface with your own samples, opening up a lot of possibilities for creating your own new sounds.

    There are 3 play modes, and each one sequences the steps in a different way:
    The Single notes mode plays through all of the steps very quickly in order to create an ensemble effect.
    The Rhythm mode is kind of like an arpeggiator, looping through the steps at tempo-synced intervals.
    Texture mode loops through steps in order fairly quickly, with random amounts of time between each step. This is useful for creating randomized textures.

    To get a quick peek at what Secco Strings looks like, you can check out this video:

    To listen to a few presets and examples, take a look at this one:

    A video is worth a billion words, right? Or something like that [​IMG]
    Here is a video which demonstrates in greater detail the features described above:

    Please Note: Secco Strings will work with the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 and Kontakt 6.2.1. It will not work with Kontakt Player. Sample Import (Drag 'n' Drop) is only supported in Kontakt 6.2.1. Presets are saved in .nka format. In Kontakt 5.8.1 presets are loaded using the load button on the interface. In Kontakt 6.2.1 presets can be dragged onto the interface to load.

    If you have bought one of my previous products, you can get a discount on top of the intro discount which is currently going on.
    Here is the product page for all the details: