selectable audiofiles stereo player !

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  1. ugantz

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    after almost 20 years waiting there is NOT YET a module in Reaktor for playing back audiofiles from hard disc that would include a SELECT parameter ...

    how damned hard is it to include a SELECT parameter to the stereo TAPEDECK module ?

    if i want to be able to select files from a list i have to build a complicated marco including as many players as diferent files i want to select from, which is an absolutely absurde waste of resources...

    this was THE SINGLE ONLY feature i really hoped to see in version 6 !
    and not all those superfluous esthetic remaniments...

    this is so ridiculous...
    very desapointing...

    damned !!!!!
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  2. wehkah

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    Congrats, you won the troll award just after 1 post.
  3. ugantz

    ugantz New Member

    troll ? really ?

    i'm very sorry to look a troll to you but then would you please explain me how you do ?

    when ever i wanted to have a list of several LONG audio files to choose from to be played back from one switch or trigger i had to build a ridiculously complex patch with lots of single TapeDeck modules and a pretty complex system of switches and scaners only to be able to choose the file...

    to use a SAMPLER module is not really an option as all the audio files are loaded to live memory at once, it's not "direct from disc" playback as it would be in a player like TAPEDECK yet Tapedeck has no SELECT parameter nor can it play a list of files

    of course i happilly stand to be corrected, i'd much prefer to be known as dumb by not knowing some evident trick than to be insulted by you...

    instead of insulting you could share your maestry in Reaktor and explain how to do, as you promise in your "Motto"
  4. wehkah

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    It's the way how and why you ask in a forum. Did you really waited for 20 years to get this feature in Reaktor w/o testing another tool during that time? I don't clearly understand that point. All that reads like a troll or hate post like in other forums since the Reaktor 6 launch.

    Reaktor opens you the way to build own tools, if you need prebuild stuff, take a look in the UL or use a DAW like Live or Bitwig. They are very great for that and you can host Reaktor for additional purposes. If you want to have a DFD in Reaktor that's okay, and already feature. NI have not implemented all the most requested fetures until now but there is time for updates.

    here is another thread, so often it's worth to do a forum search before starting a new thread

  5. ugantz

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    so you mean that to not be treated as a Troll one has to do long explanations to get to one simple point...

    ok, here it is specially for you to get the point:

    i've been using Reaktor since before it was called so

    with it i've built complete interactive sound design systems for quite big theater and multimedia performance shows and of course i didn't "waited" 20 years hoping someone else solved my problems for me...

    i built a long time ago my own player that can playback very long audio files directly from Hard Disk by an external trigger or by snapshot change

    for it i use as many TapeDecks as files i want to choose from (some time up to more than 40 tracks), you can imagine the amount of routers, scanners and virtual cables that are involved just to be able to pick the one track i want to playback, double that if i ever dared to playback two tracks at the same time...

    so my point is that my solution is way too complicated and a real pain in the ass compared with simply adding a Select parameter to the TapeDeck and allow it to read prepared lists of files or to read the content of a specified carpet

    i use SampleMaps for short samples with no problem but this is not ideal for long tracks as they occupie too much precious space in the live memory

    and AudioTables are ideal for realtime recording, playback and manipulation but offers no advantage for reading files from the hard drive

    i guess the right way would be by re-programming my system at Core level but as much as i'd love to be able to do it, my brain doesn't seem to adapt to that level of things

    i'm perfectly at ease with classic Reaktor's ready made modules that use familiar musico-technical language but i have absolutelly no intuition capacity in the pure DSP realm, even so, i try and struggle

    during these 20 years i've sent several times this request directly to NI and i have posted here under other nicknames without success

    so, this is why i really hoped this time Native Instrument would simply implement a ******* Select in their ******* Tapedeck...
    but not yet, apparently...

    Trolly yours...