Separating a mix into tracks

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by mest42085, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. mest42085

    mest42085 NI Product Owner

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could share with me your methods for cutting a single mix file into tracks b4 burning. i use my m-audio microtrack to record mixes straight outta my mixer and it's a real pain in the ass to seperate them in a program such as audacity w/o getting gaps come burning time (not to mention incredibly time consuming for a dj like me who makes a ton of mixes each month.) I am aware of the cue sheet method but was wondering if anyone knew of a real easy program that will do it in practically no time. perhaps something that allows you to just drop a marker where u want the mix to be separated and come burning time leaves no gaps, allowing for a truly seamless mix cd. all input is welcpme and appreciated! Thanks! :D

    Have fun and keep mixin'!
  2. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    I've been using Sonic Foundry's CD Architect for years (I actually think Sony owns it now) version is really old (I can't remember the version), but it does the job quite well.
  3. kaaos

    kaaos Forum Member

    sony acid does this and so does sony sound forge
  4. goonzy

    goonzy Modérateur

    For marker dropping without the need to be accurate (in mixes) I use Nero's audio editor. I just setup the audio CD project to have 0 second gaps between tracks and here we go.

    If I need more precise placement, I adjust the markers in Wavelab or Soundforge, and then back in nero use the option to separate track on markers.
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