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Serato is beating NI to the punch

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by WillBlaze, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    I got your love right here Q!
  2. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

  3. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Ha ha ha
  4. Sean

    Sean Forum Member

    I haven't stopped by here for time - seems nothing's changed...

    Hello old school dudes
  5. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    LOL no nothing much changes, although there are a lot less arguments these days;)

    Welcome back Sean. Really enjoyed your Hardway Brothers Secret Santa mix, right up my street.
  6. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    was gifted an SSL system. Demoing Bridge, LIVE8, other stuff. Also demoing the new AA controller in may -- that looks exciting. I agree that Serato has beaten NI to the punch. But not sure that it is a knockout. well see what happens.

  7. DJ_Brainstormer

    DJ_Brainstormer New Member

    If NI does not have the fund, time or whatever reason for not creating their own mixers why can't they open a new division with Pioneer or Vestax to compete against the Rane/Serato alliance?

    Maybe they should take the HID highway and create a killer deck too.

    Like others, I do not want to apply a TSI map, and plug and unplug RCA cables to an Audio 8 when I'm invited to DJ somewhere. I want professional gear that is easy, practical and also prestigious. NI is a prestigious brand and I think they should take the risk to plunge into the fight and show their competitor that they can be the defacto choice for club DJs.

    I never liked Itch, and don't get me started with SSL. But I'm thinking a lot about the new DJM-2000/CDJ-2000/Rekordbox combo, it's expensive but practical. I'm going to wait and see in the coming months what's up with NI before making a hasty decision. I regret my NS7/NSFX move and I want to sell soon.

    Come on NI, I know you can do it!
  8. Sean

    Sean Forum Member

    Thanks man.

    I think I may finally upgrade from 2.6.2 to Pro soon...

    Glad you liked the mix. Just about to roll out a 60 min mix for MOS radio - I'll let you know when it airs.

    Really focused on production again the last 6 months.

    Whole bunch of new Hardway Bros stuff on my soundcloud Weatherall & Adonis remixes and some new bits from me)

  9. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Well version 2 is out now officially.
  10. Revo dj

    Revo dj NI Product Owner

    Don't get me wrong , but I Agree , too long to make something happen , I work in Retail and If you see my numbers I sell Alot NI products a year , I had 10 KX1 on pred order since november , My customers are very loyal, but at the same time seek the new ways to make their ent. companies better, VIDEO is huge now , dosn't matter what kind of videos or files you play, Video is a must have, VST ,c'mon I know that's easy for you guys , maybe a DMX controller like DECKADANCE , anyway, I hope the next step give us peace and proves us that we are not waiting for nothing !
    Last edited: May 11, 2010
  11. pfokus

    pfokus NI Product Owner

    Just as an idea for how important video is starting to become. I came to the NI forum to search and find out When Video support would be offered in Traktor.
    A buddy of mine DJs at a club in Austin, Rain, and he makes his own videos.
    Has a process down where he creates a new video but synced to the remixed track.
    He gets the latest video from Youtube. Exports to .mov from Quicktime pro. Compresses it in Compressor then opens in Final Cut, adds in the new hot audio remix track and cuts/copies/pastes adds effx like we would do with audio and leverages Motion to create very cool effects and then renders a new video synced to the latest audio remix.

    He schooled me for 2 hours as he made a new edit of the new Christina track. He starts and finishes in 2 hours and he has his Own edit and then plays at the club Day 0 when the video is released. Pretty amazing and really got me thinking.

    When I started mixing it was not cool to use the computer. Vinyl was it.
    That has changed and now I can't imagine not using TSP, and the edge has moved over.
    VJ'ing is one of the next logical progressions. Many advantages and can't think of many disadvantages (stability can't suffer!). Some will use the heck out of it, and some will not.
    Went to WMC about 4 years ago and saw Sander K play and everything was synced to video. It was very Emotional!
    It is a way to create self advertising and control more of the environment.

    Video can be another display of the emotion you wanted to evoke on the remix you created.
    Some can argue that it is less descriptive due to limiting imagination and that can be true, but people watch a lot of TV and many listen to radio only when driving their cars. :)

    NI, Please do something cool with Video?
    It would be Great to SEE the next great thing! :)
    Fingers crossed its video and we have the option.

    Amazing stuff NI, now Blow My Mind! ;-)
    Last edited: May 12, 2010
  12. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    For one it's illegal to use YouTube videos and play them in a club. Your mate should read up on the rules of propietry videos and playing them in a public performance. Personally I'd rather see Native instrents open up the platform inregard to outputting midi & osc data for everthing from X1 Kontrol to Maschine, BPM of tracks, virtual mixer and fx knobs and sliders inside the program. This way VJ application could use this information to run versions of their software to run in parallel with Traktor.
  13. pfokus

    pfokus NI Product Owner

    :) Illegal... I agree.
    Have you ever made a bootleg dance track for yourself to play out? That is also illegal.
    My point was...
    People are doing the same things with video now that they did with Audio 5-10-15 years ago.
    They are mashing it up, re-editing it, effecting it, and making bootlegs so they can give someone a more emotional experience.
    I agree with your thoughts about opening up the platform but I would still like to have the option to pay for it.
    Also currently I was thinking about the ability to play music videos and control them like people do with DVD decks on the market.
    I don't want Traktor to become a traditional VJ software mixing video files but would love the ability to play dance remix videos much like the pioneer DVD decks work now.
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