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service center can't launch

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by APOSTOLE_K, Nov 14, 2007.

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    APOSTOLE_K NI Product Owner

    hi there
    i have downloaded the latest service center but when i click to activate my Traktor Scratch & Traktor Dj Studio 3 it doesn't load and i get a message (Service Center can not be found. Please run the product Again).When i click the NI icon it exhibit the window with a white page and then disappear.
    I have installed Traktor many times bacause i thought that the procedure wasn't correct but all the times i had same problem.
  2. Marius @ NI

    Marius @ NI NI Team NI Team Moderator


    please try out the following first (assuming that you are on PC):

    Since NI Service Center is a Flash-based application, the first thing you should do is update the Adobe Flash Player using the latest installer from:


    If you have already done this but you are still getting the error, the Flash installer may not have updated all instances of the Flash plug-in on your PC. In order to fix this, go to Start > Search and look for all files named:


    There may be several of these on your machine, there will be one for each program that uses the Flash plug-in. You can determine the version of each one by right-clicking and choosing Properties > Version, you will see a version number there.

    Each one of these should be version 9 or higher for NI Service Center to function properly. They should also all be the same version, if you have multiple different versions installed you may experience problems. If any of these files is an older version than 9, it should be deleted. If you then make a copy of one of the updated npswf32.dll files and put it in the same folder you deleted the older one from, everything should work fine.
  3. Eoin66

    Eoin66 NI Product Owner


    When i logged into the service centre it asked me to update to the newest version (which i did)

    Unfortunately now it will not open and it gives me the following message:

    ServiceCenter.exe is not a vaild Win32 application

    I've checked my version of Flash as per your post above and that seems ok (version 9.028)

    Any ideas?

    I'm on a PC, running XP SP2
    (no other problems with any of my komplete 4 software)

    Thanks for your help


    APOSTOLE_K NI Product Owner

    Thanks Marius but i had Mac....
    Sorry i forgot it.
  5. Philipp @ NI

    Philipp @ NI NI Team NI Team


    the problem supposedly occurs because of either on old Service Center installation which is not fully compatible with your system or because of the Flash Player installation.

    Please try this:

    1. uninstall Service Center. Please remove the following files:

    a) Service Center application folder from MacHD/Applications
    b) com.native-instruments.ServiceCenter.plist from MacHD/Library/Preferences and MacHD/User/Library/Preferences

    2. download the latest Service Center version here:


    3. install this version and try to start SC + to activate your product

    4. if it still won't start, please uninstall and reinstall Flash Player. To uninstall, please check the following link:


    5. you can download the latest Flash Player here:


    Please make sure you download the correct version for either Intel based Macs (MacBook, MAcBook Pro, Mac Pro) or the oder Power PC Macs (G3, G4, G5 - Power Mac, PowerBook, iBook).

    6. if it still won't work, please repair OS X disk permissions using Disk Utility which you find in MacHD/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.

    7. try again

    APOSTOLE_K NI Product Owner

    Thanks Philipp but nothing was happen. :-(
    I'm following your instructions but same message.
    What should we do?I have a gig on 18november.
    I'm waiting your anwer.
  7. Philipp @ NI

    Philipp @ NI NI Team NI Team


    please tell us if you use Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.x or Leopard 10.5 and if you are working on a Power PC or an Intel Mac.

    Then, please try this:

    a) go to OS X System Preferences and click on the tab "international"

    b) set "english" as your main computer language and choose "english" as computer keyboard layout under "input menu"

    Now, please try again to start up Service Center.

    If it still won't work, please make sure you do not have any special characters in the name of your hard disk and within any sub folder name. Special characters are for instance: ¥≈ç√∫~µ∞…– etc.

    Please also make sure you have repaired OS X disk permissions using Disk Utility.

    If it still won't work:

    Did you receive any error message during installation? If so, which?

    Please go to MacHD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins and manually delete all files regarding Flash Player. Then visit again the Adobe website and download the latest Flash Player version for your Mac.

    I hope this helps.



    APOSTOLE_K NI Product Owner

    I'm working on an Intel Mac with Leopard 10.5.I set "english" for my computer language,i don't have any special characters in the name of my hard disk and i don't have any error message during installation.
    So,again nothing was happen..I click on NI icon and exhibit the window with a white page and then disappear.
    Can i ask u something?Can u activate it?Because you are the NI.

    APOSTOLE_K NI Product Owner

    Everything is fine now i ACTIVATE them.

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