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Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation' started by littlebob, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. littlebob

    littlebob New Member

    Hopefully there's someone out there who can help with this.
    I've just upgraded my Windows XP Pc (which was happily using all components of Komplete 7) to Windows 7 - which necessitated a clean load.
    While I've been able to reinstalland open all the musical components of Komplete 7 in Windows 7 I can't activate them since Service Center refuses to load. Every time I try I get an almost instantaneous message saying Service Center has stopped working. I've downloaded the latest version of Service Center, deleted and re-installed, even amended the Registry but no luck.
    Anyone out there got any ideas.
  2. burkek

    burkek NI Product Owner

    Same here.

  3. Voiceontheair

    Voiceontheair NI Product Owner

    Try logging in with a different user profile, and launch Service Center from there. I found this solution on another thread, and it worked for me!
  4. shonkyboy

    shonkyboy New Member

    so that must mean that the propblem is to do with the local profile on the machine - so why hasnt NI sorted a fix for this yet? Or at least a sticky with the resolution?
  5. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner


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