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Session Horns Pro - laggy, sloppy...

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by jatzemann, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. jatzemann

    jatzemann New Member

    hi there,

    i´ve recently updated to komplete ultimate 12 and am currently using the shp library. as far as it seems up to now it´s not great, but with some little tweaks pretty usable.
    the only thing that bothers me is the "timing". don´t know why but the notes always sound too late in my ears; even when hard quantized, and a dry player profile chosen. i also set the "humanize" knob down to zero.
    could there be something wrong??

    i produce a lot of latin stuff, so tightness would be an "advantage". at this moment it sounds a little bit as jazzers tried to play latin ;-)
    i´ve used to work with garritan jabb 3 for guide tracks and so on and never had any issues like this.

    thanks in advance?
  2. peter verberne

    peter verberne New Member

    I think this is native in this instrument... :( To me, this is a very poorly playable library. First: the scale and articulations keys are too far apart.

    Regarding your specific style request:
    The transients of each articulation are different. For example: a sustain articulation has typically a slow attack. For latin style, I would recommend to use marcato and staccato articulations with stabs for sections. Switch a lot between articulations to obtain more realistic sounding frases
  3. jatzemann

    jatzemann New Member

    Ahhh, so my impression was right. ;)
    For me the staccato sound is not very usable in most situations. I´ll gonna check the marcato articulation ... or I take the whole horn section and move it a tiny bit to the front. ;-)
  4. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    What daw are you using? Does this also happen when you use Kontakt standalone? Sounds to me as if this should be tweakable through the envelopes.
  5. jatzemann

    jatzemann New Member

    I´m running Cubase 10.
    It´s difficult to say. I didn´t really feel a latency when using SHP in Kontakt Standalone, but I also have used it max 10 min as standalone.
    Usually I use my libraries to create Guidetracks for arrangments I do for other people.
    At this moment my machine has some disk issues... but when I have arranged that I´ll definitively try it out to improve things by shaping the envelope.
    Anyways I feel that these "tweaks" shouldn´t be necesary !? Until now I have used Garritan JABB for many years and never had these issues.
    Of course soundwise I prefer the SHP over the JABB. ;-)