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Set Loop-Out point & loop the beats before it?

Discussion in 'KONTROL X1' started by freakatronic, May 5, 2010.

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  1. freakatronic

    freakatronic New Member

    Hey there, I'm pretty new to Traktor'ing and X1. Hope I can describe my problem in an understandable way :)

    I understand that it is perfectly possible to choose a loop length of 8 bars by turning the according knob and place the loop start by pressing the knob. The loop-in marker is placed when I press the knob and Traktor will loop 8 bars.

    But: Is it also possible to set the loop-out marker instead of the loop-in and have Traktor loop the 8 bars before it?

    Idea: Buildup to some break in my music, just before it happens I press the knob and have Traktor loop the 8 bars of the buildup again.

    When I just press the Cue "Out" button it'll place a 4 bar loop automatically.

    Thanks for your comments, very appreciated!

  2. Frace

    Frace Forum Member

    you could make an 8 beat loop and move the loop to the point you want it

    i don't know if your way is currently possible
  3. freakatronic

    freakatronic New Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I am currently playing around trying to figure it out. Your idea would be an solution because as soon as Traktor transport arrives "in the loop" and the loop section is "active" it will go back from loop-in to loop-out

    How can I place an (green?) 8 beat loop region prior to activating it?
  4. RockyD

    RockyD NI Product Owner

    Could you chain the midi commands (macro?) so instead of creating a loop at current location it does a beat jump backwards 8 bars and then creates the 8 bar loop?
  5. wys01

    wys01 NI Product Owner

    You can configure the X1 to do this just with the controller manager in Traktor. If you map the following to a single button then you should get the desired effect:

    Loop Active - Direct - On
    Cue/Loop Move - Previous
    Cue/Loop Move Mode - Direct - Loop
    Cue/Loop Move Size - Direct - Loop

    I don't have my settings in front of me at the moment, you may have to add a beatjump in there too.
  6. freakatronic

    freakatronic New Member

    Thanks a lot, that's a clever idea. I guess I'll have to dig a bit into controller mapping to achieve this but it's a lazy day :) Will let you know the results!
  7. decophono

    decophono Forum Member

    you could store an 8 beat loop as a hotloop point (green marker), then hit shift + loop activate and it'll activate that loop when it gets to it (provided there isn't another stored loop before that).
  8. Linuxgirly

    Linuxgirly Forum Member

    I don't see the problem, ... If you push loop out, it loops the amount of beats, where your loop length is set to at that moment. Am i understanding wrong? You just need to push loop out, IMO
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