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  1. cyrdecyr

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    Hi there,

    I have a small PB when I try to set the level of the sound separately of the group, it doesn't work, all instrument change at the same. time and I don't know why...

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  2. hlf

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    Because that's the Group level in mixer. You can change the level of individual sounds within the group, little volume knob next to the name of the sound.
  3. cyrdecyr

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    thx, this one ?

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  4. RudeGullit

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    I actually think that's not group level (the group label under the faders indicates the routing of the individual sounds I think), but that you have selected all the sounds in the group. Had the same thing here once. If you Shift-deselect 15 pads you can control the individual sounds.

    Hope this helps!
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