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Setup: Maschine and Focusrite Saffire Mix Control Loopback feature

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by TheElixir, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. TheElixir

    TheElixir New Member

    Does anyone have a Focusrite Saffire interface with the saffire mix control software?

    I am trying to take advantage of the Loopback feature, which allows you to sample/record from one program to another (your DAW) on your computer.

    In this instance, I would like to sample stuff from my iTunes into Maschine, but I'm having trouble doing it. Any advice is welcome :D. Thank you!
  2. funky primate

    funky primate Forum Member


    in order to loopback , you would need to go into the mix control and set the loopback to mix1 and the other to DAW 1 , you can also go to youtube and find other ways to do it
  3. VinnieTreux

    VinnieTreux NI Product Owner

    or you could just convert your iTunes MP3's into Wav's using...iTunes
  4. funky primate

    funky primate Forum Member

    Lol yeah this guy can do that, but the loopback fucntion is manily used for live sampling from the internet ot other programs rather than just droping a sample
  5. TheElixir

    TheElixir New Member

    @funkyprimate ok i set the routing preset to Loopback, then you are saying to set the Loopback 1 to Mix 1 and Loopback 2 to Daw 1? Is there any routing i need to change in maschine?

    @vinnie i could do that, but as funky said, its more than just itunes i'm trying to sample from.

    thanks peeps!
  6. funky primate

    funky primate Forum Member

    well, im not to versed in the loopback funtion, just go to youtube for mix control tutorilas, but you would need to have a routing as if your sending signals out of adat out to adat in and back again hence loopback routing, so loopback is the same type of function , you would want to have 1 route from mix or anything tracking and the other to loopabck to your destination. it might be easier to do it if you do it from a DAW though.
  7. blu3

    blu3 New Member

    So did you find a solution?
    having the exact same problem...
  8. TheElixir

    TheElixir New Member

    maaan, i had written it all out and NI logged me off this ******... ima try and be as detailed as i was the first time...

    In saffire mix control go to routing preset and change it to loopback. Make sure your monitoring Daw 1 and Daw 2. Thats all for saffire mix control....

    In Maschine software go to file > audio and Midi settings. click on the second tab which should be routing. click on the input box. here you can choose which maschine ins you want for loopback. I decided to choose ins 2L and 2R. i changed 2L to '15 loopback 1' and 2R to '16 loopback 2.' (saffire has the loopback feature set automatically for the last 2 inputs. for the saffire pro 24 and the saffire pro 24 dsp its 15 and 16.) see pic 1

    Next click on the output box. If you are monitoring out of 1 and 2 (which is usually the case) you need to change that or else you will get feedback. I chose to monitor out of 5L and 5R so i changed them to Mon1 and Mon2 (can choose any outputs as long as its not 1 and 2). see pic 2.

    then on the hardware on the left screen highlight the master tab. on the right screen highlight the out tab. on the lower left corner of the left screen choose your output to be out 5 (or whichever one you chose).

    then press the sampling button. make sure your source is set to external and change the input to IN 2 L+R (or whichever ones you chose). you should be ready to record from youtube or wherever now.

    looks like alot, but its not that bad.

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  9. badgersr

    badgersr New Member

    i have the same problem. i am trying to route maschine standalone through the saffire mix control into flstudio. drums on ch 1 bass on ch 2 etc. i was able to to it using maschine as a vst in flstudio but i would prefer to use both stand alones. has anyone done this
  10. july142

    july142 Forum Member

    the 8i6 scarlett model has the loopback, FYI... had to return other model
  11. Tony Porridge

    Tony Porridge New Member

    Thanks! STR8 to the point and very helpful!
  12. lister

    lister NI Product Owner

    Im trying to get this to work with Machine > Traktor Z2 Mixer, Im trying to get Machine playing through the Traktor mixer. In tractor, should I choose Safire as the Audio Device? At the moment I have tractor Control Z2 selected, but i can't see any inputs for Deck C to choose. Can anyone help..!...