Share your plugins for Maschine 2.0 Browser, heres mine!

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  1. thronechild

    thronechild NI Product Owner

    I am digging Maschine 2.0 and the mixer but adding my own 3rd party plugins to sounds/tracks was a pain with the way its organized. I went ahead and spent a few hours saving each plugin I have as a tagged Maschine 2.0 FX Preset. This is only the stock plugin, no presets cause I figure once the plugin is on the channel its a short jump to any presets you have in your preset folder.

    Anyway, feel free to add to this list!

    Here is the link to my Maschine 2.0 Plugins and a list.

    Instructions on import inside the folder.

    Included in the file, 500+:

    Waves Mercury 9.2, or most of them, around 563 plugin presets, all tagged and organized.
    Logic AU plugins
    Boz Digital Labs Bark of Dog
    Blue Cat Chorus
    Camel Crusher
    Klanghelm - 2 free compressors, check them out
    FabFilter Total Bundle minus MB
    Ohm Force All All Bundle plus symptom
    Izotope Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Ozone and Ozone Advanced, RX, Trash 2
    Plug and Mix VIP Bundle
    Slate VCC
    SoundToys Microshift
    Stressor - free distressor emulation comp
    Valhalla - all reverbs
  2. rosegold

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    I'm going to try this when I get home from work.
  3. alpert

    alpert NI Product Owner

    I have saved only my most used plugins L2 and C4 as *.mxfx, which are indispensable for me on every master bus.
    Very usable share, Thanks a lot.
  4. larserik

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    Great idea and very generous of you thronechild.

    Here's my plugin presets so far. Not much but more is on the way.

    Korg Polysix VST (160 presets)

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  5. tonecre8

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    What are you guys doing? Calling up the preset from the plugin and saving them 1 by 1 in mxfx format? For dozens of presets? And sharing???!!

    Bless all of you!
  6. larserik

    larserik NI Product Owner

    The clever thing that thronechild has done IMHO is saving tagged fx presets (.mxfx files) for each plugin as a starting point and that's helps quite a lot if you have a lot of external plugins. I can imagine the list of external plugins in his case is quite overwhelming and hard to use.

    Saving each preset in a plugin as a preset (.mxinst files), like I've done with the polysix, is not all that much work really. And I would say it's worth the effort if the plugin has poor bank/preset browsing of it's own and not to many presets.
  7. GreenePads

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    Wait, so create a plug in folder in the plug in folder is what you must do or?
  8. lethal_pizzle

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  9. thronechild

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    Just take the ones you need and drop them in your user preset folder for fx. If you are not sure where that is, its usually in Documents, Native Instruments, Maschine 2, Plugins folder. Unless you moved it. After that, rescan your user library and then you can use maschine to browse FX under user to add to a sound. Maschine will also set the controls for use on the knobs of the controller.
  10. alpert

    alpert NI Product Owner

    Sugar Bytes Looper, some are presets some i made:

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  11. CakeAlexS

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    I've got (inc soft synth and NI ) 143 VST plugins.

    This is far too many and I'd like to reduce it by at least 40. When you collect plugins you end up being a stamp collector and it reduces your workflow. Many of the plugins do exactly the same thing and you forget what they do after a while. Less is more!

    At least I don't have 32 bit plugins that really helps with stability and performance.
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