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Shared Komplete 7 install on external SSD drive?

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by DaGrip, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. DaGrip

    DaGrip Forum Member

    I just purchased Komplete 7 would like install the whole package onto an external USB 2.0 SSD drive so that I can then use on whichever computer I happen to be working on at a given time. The main reason for wanting to go this route is that I have a regular workstation in addition to a couple of work laptops that are great for music production but they do not have sufficient HD space to install the entire Komplete package.

    I know that I can install to the SSD but am curious as to how I will go about getting another machine to use the installation. Would the best route be to just install the libraries on the SSD and do an application only installation to each of the other two computers? I am aware that I am limited to three installs per the license agreement.

    Thanks for any info that you may have to share.

  2. tripecac

    tripecac Forum Member

    Did you ever receive an answer to this question?
  3. MartinHines

    MartinHines Forum Member

    The only way you could get this to work would be to install the product on all three computers. I would suggest only using the external SSD drive for holding the large sample libraries, meaning the main software is still installed on your C: Drive.

    The process I would suggest would be:
    1) With external SSD drive connected to Computer 1, install Komplete 7 on Computer 1, putting the software on Drive C and sample libraries on external SSD drive
    2) Reconnect SSD drive to 2nd computer and install Komplete 7. You may or may not have to install the libraries
    3) Reconnect SSD drive to 3rd computer, etc.

    The reason I think the above is required is that any NI software installation creates key entries in the Windows Registry. The registry is stored on your main drive and would therefore be missing if you tried to use the SSD drive on a 2nd or 3rd computer w/o installing it first.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.