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    i know this VST is old but anyway, here we go, this is the list for 512 unnamed host automation
    if you want to have midi cc automation, which is unsupported
    then you will need external virtual midi port and map the CC# to the host automation
    for Cubase user, use external virtual midi port + "generic remote" in your cubase
    and to map the CC# in generic remote, the fastest way is using MS Excel
    with some simple f(x), such as =A1&B1&C1, =B1+1, =C1+64…etc
    you could get it done in like 10 mins

    there was some subhost VST like Chainer, VSTHost
    but i dont recommend them, as you have to map 512 CC# manually....
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    i also noticed kompakt catches DAW host's hotkeys after we tweaking its knobs.

    it can be solved by using autohotkey
    here is my script, just change "cubase" to yr DAW and you are fine

    SetTitleMatchMode, 2
    SetTitleMatchMode, Slow
    DetectHiddenWindows, on
    #if (winactive("KompaktVST"))
    rButton UP::
    send {Click up right}
    winactivate, Cubase
    lButton UP::
    send {Click up}
    winactivate, Cubase
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