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Show mini version of NI plugins on controller screen

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Reefius, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. Reefius

    Reefius NI Product Owner

    This would be especially handy with plugins like Supercharger, where you need to set the input at the correct level to use the plugin at its sweet spot.
    Currently this can only be seen on the computer screen with the plugin window open. A mini version of the plugin window on one of the controller screens would solve this.
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  2. olafmol

    olafmol NI Product Owner

    yes, please...especially for compressors/limiters...
  3. Reefius

    Reefius NI Product Owner

    Indeed! Right now there is no way to see the amount of gain reduction on the controller screens.
  4. yoyo76000

    yoyo76000 New Member

    Yes, if we can use all the power of the mk3's nice screen to see the graph of the ADSR envelope or filter on the sampler for example. Or a cooler version of massive directly on hardware (not only the parameter value and the image with the plug in name). If we can have a real graphical view of the parameters (like on the push2 for example), it will be more immersive, and we will want to stay more on a controller than on the computer.
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  5. Walt Collins

    Walt Collins NI Product Owner

    +1. Some plugins really need more visual feedback than a list of numbers. This is especially true for those of us running Maschine+ in standalone mode. We don't even have the option to look at a computer screen for the plugin UI, since there is no computer.
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  6. Reefius

    Reefius NI Product Owner

    Maschine MK3 and Maschine+ (and also KK MK2) have these 2 beautiful screens which are perfect for showing a graphical interface for NI plugins, but instead all we see is a static image of a plugin and 8 controls with numerical values. This is such a waste :(

    Even Maschine MK1 and MK2 should be capable of showing a (more simplified and without colors) graphical interface for NI plugins.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2020