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Show Off Your D2 Setup.

Discussion in 'KONTROL D2' started by Karlos Santos, May 5, 2015.

  1. MichaelKMusic

    MichaelKMusic NI Product Owner

    Yea the touch strips are a weird feeling and I don't want to get into the habit of using sync,so I ended up adding a couple of CDJ 1000 MK3 to my setup.

  2. claytonthechemist

    claytonthechemist NI Product Owner

    I tried manually beatmatching with the D2s, and didn't really like it, but I could do it if needed. I'm used to using the pitch control of the turntable or CDJ for matching and corrections, rather than nudging. I found when I got used to nudging, and then played vinyl, I was too heavy handed and you could hear the corrections. Taking out the pitch fader is the only thing I don't like about the D2s, so I've only played out with them paired with DVS.

    Also I've found the phase meter on the D2s doesn't update in real time, and I'll have the 2 songs matched by ear before the phase meter shows they're matched.
  3. Ghost_On_Da_Maschine

    Ghost_On_Da_Maschine NI Product Owner

    Maybe it's just me but I find that when I dial in tempos in on the D2s it's extremely accurate and makes mixing so quick it seems like you are using SYNC.
    It took a while to get the concept of mixing on the D2s but once I got it they became really fast tools.

    I don't think that what you are seeing is them not updating but more on their scaling, the LED requires a certain amount of change to register a change unlike what the computer display shows.
  4. sangdogg

    sangdogg NI Product Owner

    this is exactly what I have, plus innofader mod on djmt1.
    could you also upload s8+d2 setup? that's awesome!
  5. Qwertandrew

    Qwertandrew New Member

    Hey everyone ,
    I have owner of a djm T1 and 2xTechnics 1200 mk2 and I've planning to purchase two d2 or a S8. I'd like to use them for hip hop and also electronic music , such as (tech house , minimal , club house )

    Personally, I love my T1 mixer but I dunno which one the best to use along with two turntables. The s8 or two d2.
    I love the XDJ-1000 mk2 but they are quite expensive for now.

    Pls, someone who has experience share to me!
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  6. sangdogg

    sangdogg NI Product Owner

    i just bought a s8 a couple of weeks ago.
    i also have t1 and d2 also a pair of turntables. the reason i bought s8 was to do 4decks. s8 is native 4 deck in mixer and you will have 4 decks control its awesome! having 4 individual faders. so i now use t1 for turntables and scratching only and s8 and d2 for mixing or for portable gigs. i also have Traktor A6 if thr venue have the mixer.
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  7. Qwertandrew

    Qwertandrew New Member

    So you have two individual setup or you linked the S8 along with T1 ?
    I kinda use to used T1 with 4decks .
    What the difference along the two mixers?
    I've known that about S8 is works as a standalone mixer which is an awesome future ....
    Do you think I should sell the T1 ?
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  8. sangdogg

    sangdogg NI Product Owner

    exactly, having native 4 faders feel awesome. but t1 has 2+2 virtual channrl that cant beat s8 native 4ch. but the reason i kept t1 is made for turntables. for me i do better when turntables are located right next to mixer than s8 will take the space for builtin decks. yes i have 2 different mixer setups separately.
  9. deejaygs

    deejaygs New Member

    Hi do you use your SL12/D2 setup for 4-channel mixing or as acombination eg scratch&pitch on vinyl + D2´s for tracksearch/display etc?
  10. RobinA

    RobinA New Member

    Hi, sad that NI stopped development the D2. They fit perfect in my play style setup, Mixing 2 Channel Dacks with 1 RMX Dack for Kicks and 1 Sequencer for synth, hats/shakers, bass/bass-line and percussion. Only on part is missing on this setup, i'm planing to get a Machine mk3 or mk3 micro.

    The Displays are modded with the Denon like screens, see picture 2.

    I hope that the D2 gating for the future Traktor version`s support, or even get open source soft-/and hardware.



    if you interested what i'm gaining from this setup, checkout my Soundcloud Profile: soundcloud.com/robinammann

  11. Luisys

    Luisys New Member

    1x NI Audio 8 DJ
    1x Novation Launchpad
    1x Pioneer DDJ RZ
    2x NI Kontrol D2 IMG20190126201943.jpg IMG20190126201943.jpg IMG20190126202336.jpg

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  12. Jumeirah Sound System

    Jumeirah Sound System NI Product Owner

    Still love my D2's...

    Here are two configurations of my home battle studio.

    IMG_7014.jpg IMG_7444.jpg
  13. Quentin Pétel

    Quentin Pétel New Member

    1 * A&H / Xone PX5
    2 * Reloop / RP-7000
    2 * NI / Traktor Kontrol D2


    So sad that they are discontinued...
  14. groovegsus

    groovegsus New Member


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