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Simple filename view in browser

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DJSE, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. DJSE

    DJSE New Member

    I use the filename view for my collection, as I don't always have the right id3 information, and it's just the way I'm use to navigate in the browser.

    The problem is when you put the filename column in Traktor, it show all the folder, which can lead to a very long list of character before you can see the title (personally I organise my collection in folder, by genre, subgenre and then by energy/intensity level, so I can still find my collection no matter what software I use, if I need to play on another setup).

    So is it possible to change that in a future version ? Like being able to see just the filename when you choose filename, and for the people who still want to see the full folder, just adding a option to show the folder (which I don't see the utility when you use the browser as it can be seeing on the left column, but it can be usefull in playlist or when browing in the full collection). That would make it more clear to read

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  2. nr1cristi

    nr1cristi NI Product Owner

    Sooo true + 1000 to that !