1. Hi everyone,

    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

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    The NI Team

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Simple ‘UNDO’ feature

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by apricotandpearjam, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. apricotandpearjam

    apricotandpearjam NI Product Owner

    The amount of times I’ve done something in battery and wished I could undo is crazy.

    If I accidentally double click on a sample in the browser and it replaces one in the grid I can’t undo and go back.

    Very frustrating!
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  2. Will Dobson

    Will Dobson New Member

    Still no undo in battery 4 is a joke.

    Get your act together NI PLEASE!!
  3. Hugo Kant

    Hugo Kant New Member

    Yes, just lost one hour of work because of this.
    Dragged and dropped an audio file from outside Battery and it automatically sliced the file and spread it over all the cells that were after.
    With no warnings it replaced all the cells i had already setup.
    Please add an undo.
  4. Will Dobson

    Will Dobson New Member