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Slight remorse re pitch bend

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z2' started by hdruxpin, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. hdruxpin

    hdruxpin New Member

    So just ordered a z2, and now having remorse as I assumed it would have cue play and pitch bend. I wanted to replace my iPad completely as the controller. I do have turntables for time code at home but won't be taking them out when Dj ing parties often.

    So have many of you come up with simple mappings for pitch bends? I don't want it too awkward and don't want to loose standard functionality.

    I know I can get an X1 but would rather not for now.

    Thanks guys
  2. makar1

    makar1 Forum Member

    Had a look at the new Behringer CMD PL-1? You could bring that to parties where turntables aren't appropriate.
  3. hdruxpin

    hdruxpin New Member

    Nice idea, however if I was spending more I'd buy an X1.....

    Really after an intuitive mapping to do all on Z2
  4. brocklambert

    brocklambert Forum Member

    You can map the Z2 to do whatever you want. You can map the pads to control all of your transport and pitch bend functions relatively easily,