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Smart Playlists in Traktor: WHEN?

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by NReek, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner


    As itunes proper integration implementation is being ignored by NI, version across version since at least 3 years ago, my guess is that it is because not enough user base is declares to be actually using itunes as main library manager and that leaves these kind of requests on the bottom of the priority list. People may be organizing their music through folders or other library managers.

    But in any case, it's a fact that traktor's library management is poor when trying to deal with more than 1000 tracks.

    So, a REAL improvement and QUITE EASY to implement would be Smart Playlists, a wide spread concept among many library managers, of creating dynamic playlists based on any criteria contained on our files tag content.

    Often mentioned in many posts as a secondary request but not been raised as a request itself (at least according to the search results). Another fact is that a feature like this would help a lot all user base, not just itunes users.

    Please NI, could you take this request in account for the next update?
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  2. Christian Provenzo

    Christian Provenzo Forum Member

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  3. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    I'd love something like this.

    I was thinking that iTunes integration would be the smart option, but what I hadn't considered is that Apple could break the functionality of it at any point...
  4. Dj_4-$hure

    Dj_4-$hure NI Product Owner


    1000, try dealing with 100,000+
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  5. lauritzon

    lauritzon New Member

    I agree. I initially imported my entire collection (14368 tracks) which I have spend a lot of time to rip from CDs.
    I quickly realized that Traktor was constructed well to handle larger audio libraries so I now manage the files I want to use in Traktor in a specific traktor folder.
    Would love to have some improved file browsing options...
  6. sevendays

    sevendays Forum Member

    This shouldn't be that hard to do and is a major upgrade to the library function.
  7. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    i'm quite tired about having to navigate through my library with 'the hands tied on the back'...

    i NEED to have playlists that update their content by themselves, related to..

    - genre
    - tempo (for example see just tracks ranging from 100 to 110, from 120 to 130, and so on...)
    - key
    - specific comments
    - combinations of the previous things, and more (year, style, mood...)

    currently it's a pain in the ass to have to be creating those playlists in itunes and having to import and or update them manually in traktor, everytime tracks have been added or substracted from any given playlist.

    come on NI, satisfy us... now that we have the long time requested sampler and the infamous coloured wave forms (that last one is useless, compared to proper library management capabilities, in the duties we are actually commited to... however it is fancy to show, isn't it..?) could you please spend some time on developing useful features?

    my apologies for ranting a bit. i guess the point is taken...
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  8. prism_emf

    prism_emf NI Product Owner

    In addition to the above, the smart playlist should definitely allow file location as one of the match criteria.

    It's currently very hard to browse by folder in Traktor, which is how i have my tracks categorised. (Going through the music folders tree will always trigger a rescan of the folder, which takes ages.) In Serato, this is easy to do.
  9. Breakie

    Breakie New Member

    Indeed, this would be a great addedd value...
    it's currently the only reason for me to keep using serato!
  10. djvision

    djvision NI Product Owner

    Serato has it why not Pro S4

    This is a major draw back and such a vital one. Smart Playlist please + 1 Million
    Also lock playlist as far as adding songs ok but dragging a playlist within a play list is retarded I only do it by mistake and all of a sudden my cocktail music is mixed in with busta bust and 2 pac I mean come on Dudes! listen please please purty please make it happen like a black president,...thanks!
  11. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    +1! we need it
  12. onetidd

    onetidd Forum Member

    +1 Neeedeed
  13. julynessi

    julynessi Forum Member

    I'm Very need To Remove iTunes Playlist from treeview...like ITch..
  14. tribal_sky

    tribal_sky New Member

    need smart playlists
  15. djr76

    djr76 NI Product Owner

  16. mastermc

    mastermc NI Product Owner

    ya that would be similar to having filtered folders where you can filter any results to let's say "show all files that don't contain the word Madonna". This something i was hoping Ni would implant a long time ago along with better music collection management example being able to rename files or copy and moive them around to different locations and renaming folders.
    yes that's true and also we should be able to recurse folders too
  17. Hoop

    Hoop New Member

  18. zero1@xs4all.nl

    zero1@xs4all.nl New Member

    +1. I'm waiting for this for a long time......
    My #1 most wanted feature.
  19. Dividend

    Dividend NI Product Owner

    +1; it seems the functionality is already there when searching. Just give the capability to have multiple search criteria and then save the results as a dynamic playlist. Would be fantastic.
  20. King Fader

    King Fader New Member

    I think I'm realizing this fault at this moment.
    Not "Smart Playlists" per se, but just ones that actually react to what you've done elsewhere.

    I just added songs to my playlist in itunes and now it appears in Traktor:
    I need to re-import that playlist to the collection?
    And then re-analyze that playlist's new tracks?
    And then Check for Consistency on all the tracks (!), just to get the Key to show up?

    Am I missing something here or is this really necessary?
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