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Smart Playlists in Traktor: WHEN?

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by NReek, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. dj slowhand

    dj slowhand New Member


    DJ LEVLHED New Member

    It really is ridiculous that this feature has been passed over in favor of so much LESS USEFUL features for this long. IMO
    For me they are also "a must". I don't currently use Traktor OR Serato because of the lack of this very specific feature.
    edited to add: I refuse to install iTunes
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  3. DJ Priminista

    DJ Priminista NI Product Owner

    Dude it all ties in at the end of the day SMART PLAYLISTS IS A MUST
  4. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    Agreed, they are a must. But you were talking about things that smart pl's are not intended to do ;)

    Folders are one thing, playlists are another.

    Sorry for being that picky with the issue fellow, it's nothing personal. But as said before, we need smart playlists as they are. There's no need to complicate things further, knowing this could mess up with the intended main functionality. The concept is simple and the implementation of it has to be simple as well, in order to fullfill this raging need for improvement in the area of music library management.

    As a suggestion, if i may, i'd say you don't actually need to know or keep control about where the files are stored, whenever the files are properly tagged, smart playlists will help you locate or isolate those files you want to see, anytime. That's the beauty of them :)

    There may be other requests for somehow similar or kinda related features, however different at the end of the day, and they should have their own request thread.

  5. malzfreund

    malzfreund NI Product Owner

    auto-updating is a critical feature of smart playlists. decent music players (e.g., FB2K) come with an auto-update option for their smart playlists.

    playlists in traktor operate on the library, not on folders, though. traktor already features "watch folders." combined with auto-updating smart playlists, it is feasible to do what DJ Priminista wants to do. honestly, i don't think nreek's opposition to Priminista's ideas makes sense. he himself mentioned FB2K as an example player that supports smart playlists--but auto-updating is a core feature of autoplaylists in FB2K.

    lastly, auto-updating is the most important reason for which we need smart playlists. it would allow you to partially automize the process by which you import new tracks and add them to certain playlists. not just ITT but all over the forums people seem to say that this is for what they need smart playlists.
  6. lowtek

    lowtek New Member

    Serato has had it for a while now. Smart playlists with and/or logic w/ auto updating has been implemented and works well (I think since 2.0?)

    DJ LEVLHED New Member

    Sorry, I'm obsessed with "playcount" in Smart Playlists. Since Serato doesn't have that enabled I wrote them off and it morphed into their not having smart lists at all in my hed....but yes, they do have them.

    I stand corrected.
  8. s2user

    s2user New Member

  9. Rytz

    Rytz NI Product Owner

    I just want everyone in the Traktor world to know that I'm going to try out Serato for the pure fact that they have smart playlists - AKA "Smart Crates". How sad is that? I would use iTunes but they don't offer filename-based criteria for smart playlists.

    Time for some innovation, NI.
  10. emzero

    emzero NI Product Owner


    When I tried Traktor 1.2 for the first time I was surprised that it didn't have smart playlists, I thought it was an obvious feature to include, but NI thought the opposite.


    Several updates later, 2.6 now, and still not smart playlist? It's not hard to do and a very important thing to add.
  11. cBlaq

    cBlaq Forum Member

    soooooooo does NI respond ? this seems to be such a small thing to ask for?
  12. smoovemode

    smoovemode Forum Member

    +1...I can't believe NI does not jump on this. There should be a transparent sync going on here.
  13. Pocketjem

    Pocketjem New Member

    +1 for smart playlists
  14. tompee29

    tompee29 New Member

    SMART PLAYLISTS N.I., SORT IT OUT FFS! Such a simple thing which would make such a HUGE difference....

    I cant believe this thread started in 2006 and it still hasn't been sorted, what are you playing at?

  15. Nielsepiels

    Nielsepiels New Member

    Smart playlists would be a nice feature. Although I appreciate the effort in introducing the remix decks and new effects, the truth is I never really use them. What i'd like is a more efficient way of managing a very diverse music library and I have a few suggestions that I hope will resonate in NI's offices:

    1. Love Connections.
    Know that feeling when you stumble upon a mix that is just too perfect? Finding that pair of group of tracks that just seem made for each other? And then several weeks later trying to remember which tracks you used to pull that off? Right now that means skimming through countless archived history lists, when really all you want is to be able to identify which track goes well with another track. Well, introduce love connections: a simple tag that stays hidden until you ask for it. Whenever two tracks sit well in the mix, press a button in the advanced tab that says: Make Love Connection. And whenever you are browsing through a playlist and you see a track that you like, hit right click and "show love connections".

    2. More viewing options
    I recently saw a video in which Theo Parrish layed out some simple ground rules for DJ'ing: buy music, listen to it, familiarise yourself with it, introduce it to your audience. You never take your entire music collection with you, yet that is what we do with Traktor. Personally I'm pretty bad at maintaining a librabry, which means there's tracks sitting in there that I'm not too familiar with, which makes scrolling through my library during a set a somewhat clogged affair. What would make a difference is if I'd be able to mark new tracks as 'new' and be able to make them invisible when I play out, so that I'd only have a crispy clean library in front of me. The same goes for certain genres. My general M.O. is playing certain strands of house and techno, but when i'm spinning at a house party or with a friend at my own place, I like to goof of and play hip-hop, soul music, etc. Right now, if I want to keep my library clean that means I have to add and delete tracks all the time.

    Hope to see something like this implemented in future versions. For now, thanks for a great program.
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  16. PowerBSD

    PowerBSD Forum Member

    How long I will wait for 'Smart' folders?
  17. shyha

    shyha NI Product Owner

    NI team? HOW LONG?
  18. paazel

    paazel NI Product Owner

  19. Stylus_XL

    Stylus_XL New Member


    I've just defected from Serato over to Traktor and I'm absolutely stunned that this feature isn't available. For a program that seems to pride itself on how much it can be customised it doesn't make any sense to not make playlists dynamic.
  20. shyha

    shyha NI Product Owner

    After reading this forum I'm pretty sure that this function is most wanted...in Traktor 3 is definetetly a must...but maybe before?
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