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So my VCI took a flying lesson tonight

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by djjasoncarroll, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    Well as I sit here waiting for the police I had to have a little rant about tonights gig, was minding my own business playing tunes a couple of cocky squaddies were being well squaddies on the lash, one of them got a bit shirty over me not playing Justin Timberlake sexyback.

    Then shoved my vci off the stand in the dj booth while I was not looking door staff grabbed hold of this guy threw him out and let him go vci knobs snapped off pitch fader broken off xfader bent, I give chase with a policeman catch the group asked them who was the smart ass, as the copper was talking to there officer one wisperd in my ear your going to F**king die, errr you going to hit me in front of a policeman think not, how wrong was I he tried to, the police man jumped him dragged him to the floor and arrested him how ever I now have his mate grab hold of me in a head lock, im no MMA fighter but I do Thai boxing and Brazilian ju jitsu im no good but against a drunk person the results were brilliant, im so happy that I started learning to protect myself, this guys arm was bent in a real funny angle and well he screamed a little bit loud like a girl even.

    Any way im now stuck with this gig I really dont know if I should quit the bar is getting rough by the week and well its almost like having the cast of Jeremy kyle/Jerry springer for the american's I have been there for 3 years and well since the new manager took over it gone down hill he just does not know how to judge people its rough as **** TBH and I shold not fear work right ?

    Any spelling problems sorry I have been up for 23 hours
  2. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    Sorry to hear that mate. We all mostly do this for the love of it an shouldn't be afraid to go to work. I've had a couple of rough gig's myself so I feel your pain. (Figuratively speaking :) )
  3. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    They are the cocks defending our country as well.... We get that all the time up here but it's nothing a swinging pool cue can't sort out....lol.... the problem is they always come back looking for revenge.... have a couple of weeks off mate and look for another gig if i were you.... I got a pint poored over my stuff but the manager was cool about it and bought me new gear ....cool eh..?
  4. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Damn Jason that is not good. Sorry to hear about the VCI.
    Those guys give the Services a really bad name and unfortunately its a common occurrence.

    I had an incident recently where i refused to play "The Boys Are Back In Town" for a guy and his mates just back from Afghanistan. I was playing R&B and House, the tune would have been totally out of place and cleared the dancefloor.
    He used the "we are out there doing it for you" line. Which, ok yeah maybe they are but not in my name... They are doing a job that may need doing but its their choice.

    And to whisper "your going to die" in you ear? What a silly boy because statistiaclly hes probably much more likely to die over there. The stupidity of some people is astounding.

    I had to leave a bar some years ago after it started going downhill. The final straw was when i came back from the toilet to see a guy in the booth trying to take my laptop. The bar employed terrible security and the clientele became very rough.
    Id worked that bar for 10 years for one amazing manager and when he left the new girl turned it to sh*t within a year. Shame.

    I hope you get it all sorted mate and the bar starts to take notice that things are on the slide. Unfortunately whilst these idiots are pumping money into the bar some managers wont see a problem until the licensing people come down heavily on them.

  5. dahJah

    dahJah NI Product Owner

    damn, does that ever suck.
    Give thanx you know some type of martial art.
    If you're good with the staff have the bouncer come around the dj booth more often.
  6. goonzy

    goonzy Modérateur

    if you feel that your working conditions are degrading... you should quit ... but before you should chase the promoter for money to replace your broken equipment ;)
  7. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    Cheers guys the squaddie is trying to get me done coz I arm bared him his statement was I had him in a head lock punching him and then I was lifted up thrown hard on the pavement and smashed my head and this fat guy was on top of me with my arm bent making a popping sound and huge pain, the copper said right so u had him in a head lock punching him and then he hurt you yes officer, what an idiot the door staff were dealing with his gobby mate.
    It's the same deal as you karlos new manager letting in all the scum well at least tonights gig is going well, hope your all having a good one
  8. photojojo

    photojojo Forum Member

    I think I would find other, safer employment.
  9. Samish

    Samish NI Product Owner

    What a day at the office ! But you should REALLY chase the promoters to replace your VCI.
  10. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    ouch.... that's not what we're after when starting DJing. i guess i would look for another residency somewhere else...

    keep your head up!
  11. Kirk Smeaton

    Kirk Smeaton NI Product Owner

    I hope you can find a safer, regular gig.
  12. sebastiannz

    sebastiannz Forum Member

    "...I do Thai boxing and Brazilian ju jitsu im no good but against a drunk person the results were brilliant, im so happy that I started learning to protect myself, this guys arm was bent in a real funny angle and well he screamed a little bit loud like a girl even."

    hahaha. if it makes you feel better that original post had me cracking up! hilarious.

    but agree with everyone else, you should find a safer gig. mac book pro going flying would be even worse!
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2010
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