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    I would like to give some advices for Version 6 or maybe 7, wheneverr the next update is availeable.

    - An easier useable Bandpass Filter ! Something like 2 Shelve Filters without a need two take 2 Modulation Channels.

    - Some other Effects ! The range and opportunity s with the actual FX are very nice but very limitd too. Just take a Effect in the master is not always enough and the failed modulation is needed by the host. The Effects are able but difficult to Programm when you dont have the right knowledge ( like the Bitcrusher with a bitreduction in the waveshape ) ... A Equalizer for a better control and sounddesign

    - Arppegiation ! Regardless from the lingering Patches and Presets. They would crash with the Arppe and envelops ( i guess ) ... But as a New Feature for the New Patches in 6/7 ... This is easier to Programm
    everything self ( breakpoint and breakpoint ) - and very nice to integrate the created Sequence into the Envelopse Window for mastering and options.

    - ChordPlayer from the Aetherizer for the Main Features !

    - Adjustable Amplitudes with Macro Controls - or maybe the amount of it to the sound like Photone ( Komplette Elements ).

    These are the very first ideas for the future to keep Absynth the best Synth in the world ...

    Other wishes and Additions ?

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