Some Bizarre Behavior this morning.

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by FunkyRob, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    it's heavily worked on. up until then, use the optimisation tipps i posted in the sticky thread.
  2. BigBuddha

    BigBuddha Account Suspended

    Exuse me Native_Girl. I use a G4 PB with OSX and don't want turn off e.g. Exposé and other tiny little things on my sytem 'cuz this is one reason I use a Mac. In TS specs here on the website it was told it should work on lower specs Mac's then me and other people here tryin to use with TS.

    NI ships TS for money which in fact is beta 'cuz it doesn't work. So, where's the damn bugfix???
  3. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Bhudda, chill out will ya.... as N.G. said its being worked on and wll be released when its been tested and is considered ready. The more you yell as us here and have us responding the less time we have to test. When we have info about the update you can be sure we will not be keeping it a secret. Until then there is nothing I can offer except plz be patient.

  4. gs

    gs NI Product Owner


    You know what mate? Maybe we are SICK of chilling out. Maybe some of us (like me) have been chilling out for 2 years.

    What more do we have to do? I have posted 2 threads about my issues. Does anyone really care?

    First issue. Faulty multicore cable
    Second issue. Faulty audio 8 unit
    Third issue. Mate I cant even get it to work on my powerbook. At all. It doesnt work. Full stop. I cant even play the demo track through it. I cant even use it with itunes.

    I dont have anything on my powerbook. No airport, no bluetooth. Nothing. I dont understand. Who can help me?

    Why did NI do this? I cant understand it is beyond me. Who is going to give me a new unit? Who is going to give me a new multicore? I brought it from the NI shop.

    How many more silly questions like, " Are you sure you installed the drivers?" , "Are you sure your needles are clean?"

    Yes and yes. And Im sure that the UNIT is faulty. I've tested it on 3 computers. And I'm sure the mulitcore is also dodgy. 100%

    Dude, I brought it like this. With the right channel of my multicore having a bad connection and with the output 7/8 LED light flickering non-stop.

    What do these things sell for? I paid $450USD. Do you know what you can get with $450USD? Its not the 1983 anymore. $450 gets you quality nowadays. Protools, MOTU... PRO soundcard $450 is plenty.

    NI wants to be treated like the PROS, you gotta start acting like the pros.

    I'm not saying electronics dont mess up every now and again. Hey, Ive had heaps of trouble with my fancy XONE 92 mixer. But the difference is when I need it fixed, or when I need support, I get it.

    Now, what more do I have to do mate? I've tried chilling, I've tried yelling... None of it works. TS 103644 theres my ticket number. Wheres my replacement products and my powerbook fix?

  5. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Gunsel I'm not saying you should not protest the situation, you should. However screaming at N.G. Quartz or myself puts us in a crap position, because no matter how much we might want make all your problems go away we simply cannot do that!

    While we act as the face of NI here and will do whatever we can to help, we were not directly reposnsible for the situation you are faced with, blaming us as if we were, sucks GDB. All three of us mods fully realize your situation sucks! If you think for a moment we would let it continue for a moment longer if we could solve it right now and if you think none of us care then you are sorely mistaken.

    Ranting at us may make you feel better but it does nothing for our demeanor and does nothing to speed a result to your issue.

    Your last message absolutely lays out what your problems are and it does allow us to see where your frustration comes from. We have done on the back end what we can. If you have not already done so please file your support request.

  6. BigBuddha

    BigBuddha Account Suspended

    For the sake of clarity it's not agianst you PhilL, okay mate? It's against the whole sucking situation for pro customers and the way NI handle it and this not only with TS.
  7. trat

    trat Forum Member

    TS isn't a pro product...
  8. BigBuddha

    BigBuddha Account Suspended

    .. but is advertised as one.
  9. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    Phil Wrote
    What the Hell? Didnt you realised that its the main problem on this forum?
    And if u didnt, its quite a shame...
    I mean that whatever we have to deal with, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT!
    OK, fine, but where are the developpers, where is the team, WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS?

    I dont blame the mods, i blame the problems. And it should be normal on the NI forum to find some guys who REALLY and CURRENTLY working for us.

    People are losing patience because whatever the problem is, the answer's always "sory i dont know the time frame", "it should be implemented", "maybe on a further update", whereas people spent money for a working tool that doesnt and they are treated like childs...

    WE need CLARITY, we need the developpment team to answer DIRECTLY to us.
    And maybe if they dont its because they are afraid to be publicly bashed. But the more they hide behind u mods, the more people will get angry at u mods, sorry but thats the way it is.

    At least if they were on this forum, real answers and the privilege to speak directly to somebody in charge would calm everybody down.

    Another example is the topic for TS Enhancement i made, i thought this thread to sum up our ideas and to know what would be kept and what wouldnt.
    Time passes, ideas are here and nothing from NI, NADA, its rubbish.
    You cant obviously stand the comparison here with Serato.

    I can totally understand why current users are paniking, because with this treatment a problem can last for months, and u can really feel uve been fu****.
  10. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator


    obviously, right now nobody is interested in additional features when there are G4 users still having problems. what do you expect? weekly updates?

    second, i wrote into the thread (being *NI*, kind of.)

    third, serato only has its ssl. native instruments has several dozen different products, there is a whole traktor family with several versions - even in germany, days have 24 hours only.
  11. nohiphop

    nohiphop NI Product Owner

    Sorry, I'm a a software developper in another company, and I don't belive its a good idea the developpers should be active here in the forum. The job of the dev team is to create and/or fix software. The contact to the customers should be made by other people, but indeed this is a big problem at NI

    Phil, NG, DJ Quartz state that they are not responsible for anything at NI. So far so good (or bad). They are doing a great job as mods but there must be person here who is responsible for Traktor. Somebody at NI must be responsible for the development, somebody must give clear statements what is and what will be.
    If this is not the job of our mods, I expect another person here. If this is not the case, NI will at least not be better than Stanton, where also nobody is responsible for anything.

    NI setup this user forum, that's a good thing. But they can't leave us (or the mods) alone here.
  12. Notgnabuyit

    Notgnabuyit New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    YOu silly people..... you dont expect to buy a ford and it work do you? Ford make loads of cars.. there is only so much time in the day, so hey, never mind if the brakes dont long as the flashy new model is out there...

    your not even factually correct - SERATO DONT ONLY MAKE SSL!

    ....pity all you people got stuck with these problems...not only being foisted with a product that was wrongly advertised to work on your computers, when it doesnt..but to be stuck with a customer service that stinks...

    when my Xone92 had problems I didnt have to "file a ticket" or complain on the forum.... I called the company, talked to an engineer, posted it off... and they fixed it up free on the remaining warranty.... Even tho I told them straight out that I had bought it second hand.

    Not only that but it didnt really have a major problem.. it was just i fussily thought the filter popped a little too loudly when it engaged...

    When i called 6 months later for some advice I apologised to them for being so fussy, and told em how much i loved the mixer now - they said I was right to call... they would never want a single unhappy customer, and they wanted every mixer of theirs to sound perfect.

    Now THATs pro customer service....

    Ive been thinking of getting a DVS, do you think it will be Traktor Scratch?
  13. DiDigital

    DiDigital NI Product Owner

    as your name says :(
  14. bigbadselecta

    bigbadselecta Forum Member

    I agree 150%.

    It's really not nice if you keep on discussing in a board without someone there who can actually say "ok, we'll change this" or "this will be in the next update".
  15. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    Ur right, but u got the idea, we need somebody in charge.
    It would a relief for the users, and better times for the mods.

    @Native Girl
    I think Notgnabuyit summed up the thing quite well with the Ford example....
    Im sorry if understood that ur posts were useless in the Improvement thread, they are not of course, and i appreciate that u forward the ideas. But once its done, it would be really nice if somebody from the team could say at a moment if they can really do things or not.
    something we could call a Commitment.

    I wouldnt complain about that ;)

    I have to add too that your statement about the fact that TS is not their only concern is understandable, but ur giving NI haters a good reason to continue to bash u up. I find this awkward.

    I Chose the crossgrade BECAUSE NI has some other great products, the list is long and i know it.
    But if u want to talk business, i think that if NI drops the ball in those weeks, theyre reputation is finished.
    I think all the team must be onboard for this particular product.

    I was backstage with Mix Master Mike this weekend in Bordeaux, and guess what?
    Hes really happy of his serato SL...
  16. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    I'll refer to my earlier statement in this thread
  17. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    I'll be off over here putting my time to good use, testing the update... which _BTW_... If all goes well, should be available early next week.

  18. clandestino

    clandestino NI Product Owner

    Going Nutz

    Hi guys

    On the specs there is no chance Serato could beat TScratch,but am a PB G4 owner.....didnt buy TScratch because just before i was going to order it i checked NI forum sought the mess and confirmed it with NI tech service via email,took them a few hours to reply and were very straight about the issue........i got i dont even remember how many tracks traktor ready as i bought the software a good while back definetly 5000+songs,also having to expend 600€ in SSL when i could make it with the 390€ crossgrade aint funny ......

    Being faithfull to a brand isnt possible when your economic posibilities are short, they might take a lot of resources but this guys have rounded the concept of having a studio on a laptop to points that were not possible to imagine to 7 years a go just on a 2gb ram and a 1,67Ghz prosessor

    I understand if you are probably broke and expent your last cent on TScratch this really hurts,NI should have put a working product on the market,but guys i think a bit of credit NI deserves just for the great line of products they put out,to me this doesent take away the fact that to me Native Instruments is a 10 out of 10 software company. Cant beat Kontakt,is a unique,complex,beautifull piece of software that has made samplers easy to understand, battery rocks can only be beating by an MPC 1000, elektrik piano didnt even need an upgrade...............

    If they manage to pull the update quickly then this with the time will be just an incident,they should throw a complementary german beer with it!

    If the update doesent solve this, then i think NI should ask retailers to warn about PBG4 probs and in case of TS being already purchased refund everyone inmediatly just for the sake of keeping a clean slate as one of the worlds top software-hardware developers.This will solve the problem for people that need TS to work they will be free to choose any of the other brands and keep going,if not for work,then i would advise wait,NI never had major issues why should they start now,they will come up with a solution soon

    Its a pitty i was so looking forward to German software development with USA made Cirruslogic A/D convertors,to me one of the key features on TS ,this is what remains a mistery with all this moaning going on,how does it actually sound compared to FS or SSL?sound not the fancy software features is what matters
  19. djdivide

    djdivide NI Product Owner

    Think Damn You!

    Right, that’s it!

    Enough of all this!

    To all those hoping for TS to work perfectly straight out of the box – you’re naïve I’m afraid. This is the first release of a new piece of software (and hardware come to think of it); it was always going to have problems!

    The reason SSL is pretty much fault free is because it is so simple. It does pretty much what FS 1.5 did (less, as there is no key lock), and so there is literally nothing to go wrong. Where NI have had trouble is that they are continually trying to implement new and cutting-edge features into their products, for good or ill.

    Now, those who are arguing that SSL is so much better etc, why not just use that and be done with it? If you are happy with your DVS options, then by all means vote with your feet (and wallets!). The reason that I use NI’s Traktor is that it enables me to do things that are not otherwise possible in most booths. IMO, T3 is, right now, a professional product for professional DJ’s. However, when it came out, there were problems that meant users were sticking to older versions until a few point releases down the line, to ensure that all the problems (of which not all can be tested for) were ironed out.

    This forum exists so that NI can continually monitor real-world performance, and so that constructive debate can be had over how to improve what is arguably the best suite of DJ software products in the world. Every time a competitor makes a new product, you can bet your bottom $ that most of the lessons have been learnt from NI’s mistakes, and most of the ideas have come from the ‘I wish Traktor had this…’.

    Now, I do feel for you guys having technical issues, but the truth is that you should not expect to DJ in a pro environment with an untested product. If you do choose to, then you accept the risk this entails. I am yet to receive my Audio 8 DJ yet (tomorrow is the schedule), but you can be damn sure that I will thoroughly test it before taking it out with me. If there are any problems, you can also be sure that I will be posting here to find out if there is a fix.

    If there are no fixes forth coming, then I will send it back or sell it on. What I won’t do is bash NI for not providing a fix within a week of me kicking up about it – these things take time.

    So, apologies for the rant, but you all must understand that NI will be working to fix any bugs, and that the customer base is the best test group that any software company can have. It is par for the course that smaller companies such as NI will have teething issues with new products (see Microsoft an example of how things go wrong no matter how many employees you have!), and I would urge anyone not happy with their TS to keep posting constructively as to how improvements can be made.


    Last edited: May 16, 2007
  20. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    in dont know what else i could say - NI is aware on the issues and works on them.

    the g4 update is said to be out early next week.

    NI is listening...
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