Some help with NI purchases

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by DJ_AlkemyUK, Jul 31, 2021.

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    I'm really thinking about diving headfirst into Ableton/NI. I am thinking of changing my whole setup to Ableton Suite, Komplete Kontrol S61 as well as Komplete Ultimate 13 (Collectors Edition). I am currently using Reason and have dabbled with Ableton before but really want to invest in software/hardware that'll keep me busy for the next few years. I make predominantly Hip-Hop music but over the past few years I have started to incorporate a lot of synthy style beats to tie in with a lot of my non Hip-Hop influences (Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, John Carpenter etc). Ableton seemed like the best option for the kind of production I will be involved in. A few questions:

    1: Is the Komplete Ultimate 13 (Collectors Edition) a bit overboard? I'm thinking if I get it, I won't really want for many more plugins for a long while, plus I still make predominantly sample based music so KU13, along with the tons of samples I will find, should see me right for a long while. OR, is there a stripped down KU package that would suit me better?

    2: I have heard about NI holding lots of sales. Should I keep hold of my money until they appear in the sales? When are the sales likely to be held and are there significant savings to be made?

    3: I'm going to be getting a new PC. Is it best to get 3 SSD's installed? I've read that Ableton is better that way. One SSD for installation, one for project files and one for samples/plugins (or something like that). Any recommendations for processor/RAM etc?

    Thanks guys.