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Sorting the playlist from MIDI controller

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DJDiaper, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. DJDiaper

    DJDiaper New Member

    I was playing around with a friends DDJ SX controller with Serato and hated it. Thank you Traktor for existing. Enough with the drooling over Traktor. There was one thing on the SX that I have been wondering for some time now how I can do this in Traktor and I don't think I can.
    I have long playlist that puts songs in there genre. When I need to re-sort the list to "Title", "BPM" or "Artist" I need to go to my laptop and use the trackpad to click on the top of the browser to sort. On the SX he just has to press the shift button and then one of the load buttons to re-sort his playlist. I would love to see this in Traktor. I have a DDJ T1 and tried mapping it myself like this, but sorting the playlist seems not to be a function in Traktor mapping. Or did I miss something?
  2. Dysfunk DJ

    Dysfunk DJ NI Product Owner

    you can consolidate your playlists ;)
  3. DJDiaper

    DJDiaper New Member

    I know, but what if I consolidate on Artist. During a set I think of a song. My playlist is 90's, and I am drawing a quick blank on what the artist name was. If I could re-sort from my controller I can quickly get the song. I have a 90's playlist with over 400 songs.
    Same goes for BPM. I am playing at a certain BPM and want to search songs in the same range when I am playing Urban (R&B). Again, playlist with over 300 songs and no way to re-arrange from your controller. It just seems like a small programming code to be inserted in the mapping layout.
  4. faelnor

    faelnor New Member

    In further support of this request, some of us do part of their mixing without preparing playlists for everything. I have a LOT of tunes that are only in the track collection and I like to go through them when I'm stepping outside of a pre-planned set (which happens often), sometimes looking for specific BPMs, sometimes looking for tracks in specific keys to add to the mix.

    The general idea behind several past feature suggestions for the browser is to be able to get rid of the mouse: having a keyboard nearby for manual search is essential, but typing on a keyboard is fast. Having a mouse to go through different sorting modes in the track collection, on the other hand, shouldn't be essential, it requires slow pointing, sometimes on a small screen and just distracts the DJ away from the general flow.

    For effective controller-driven navigation, we would need the following MIDI commands:
    • For each possible column in the track collection, mappable commands to activate sort, cycling through: no sort / descending / ascending;
    • For those of the same columns that support filtering, mappable commands to toggle the filter on the current highlighted track (so that you can further filter tracks by key once you've sorted by BPM, for instance -- typically, that would be accomplished using shift + the corresponding command used for sorting as described above);
    • A command to clear all filters.
    That's it, no more mouse!

    An even better solution, although I'm not counting on it because that would allow things done outside Traktor, would be an API to browse the collection. Several of us have asked for a way to put the file browser on a second screen. Well, an API would allow to do that and even more: we could indeed build a replica of the browser working on a second screen, but we could also have it communicate through midi and have it mapped like I described above onto a controller. Even more, we could use the API to build a tablet application that shows the replica of the file browser; then allowing that app to search, sort, filter and load tracks quickly from a tablet next to the controller without having to disrupt the flow of the mixer in the main Traktor screen. Ah, that would be so great...
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  5. sparky sanchez

    sparky sanchez Forum Member

    Can only agree, buttons or whatever to sort current playlist or folder by whatever column header you want please. Less time craning your neck with all your attention on the screen the better.