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Bug Sounds preview but don't play

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Mrtomgreen, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Mrtomgreen

    Mrtomgreen New Member


    Not sure if i'm having a moment or still not recovered from new year, can anyone help?

    Maschine 2.7.10 and using the Mk3.

    If i load in a sample, in this instance Clap AR50sAutumn V127 (located in the Maschine 2 Library folder > Samples > Drums > Clap) i can hear the preview but when i actually add it to a pad, it doesn't play when i trigger the pad.
    If i add in a different one, say Clap AR60sEarly V127 1 (located in the same folder) then i can preview it and it plays when i add it to a pad.

    I don't understand why i can't hear the 50s clap - if i right click, i can see it in the location as a wav which plays if i open it.

    Is this because the 50s kit is a kit that i need to purchase (as i do have AR60's drummer) but then that doesn't make sense as i already seem to have the sounds installed?

    What's going on??!

    Many thanks

    EDIT: So i can load in an AR 50's kit and all the pads play if it's a kit, but just not if i pick an individual sample from an AR50's kit. I can even see the waveform on the sample but it just doesn't trigger when i hit the pad. Have compared everything i can see between a pad successfully triggering a 60's kick vs a 50's kick that won't trigger and can't spot anything obvious.

    Bug or user error?
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  2. Mrtomgreen

    Mrtomgreen New Member


    Another 'bug' from 4 years ago?

    Fix is to go in to Sampling > Zone and map the range to the entire velocity and key spectrum's, but then i don't see how you can save this back to the sample to avoid having to keep doing it on new projects (without exporting the sample as saving it to your user library.)

    Not the end of the world, but again a minor inconvenience that it appears NI have no intention of fixing... That's my 2nd.
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  3. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    There is indeed something going on with the Clap AR50sAutumn V127 sample.
    If you select it in the browser, it is audible. As soon as you assign it to a slot / pad, you will no longer hear the sample.

  4. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    ooohhh i love mysteries... It's what Mrtomgreen already mentioned.

    Some more details:
    The Autumn Kit is the only kit from Abbey Roads 50's Drummer that is available in a Maschine Group format (thus doesn't even need the full Instrument/Kontakt), it was ported from the instrument to Maschine format if you will.

    For some reason all the Samples from the Autumn Kit have embedded "Zone" settings when we load it from the Samples-Browser Section, its mapped to A#0 and programmed to be triggered only from 118 to 127 velocity... but the samples should not have this embedded data on them because no other ported Abbey Road Drummer kit does.

    You can load individual Samples from all these and its fine, except for the Autumn kit:

    For example, any Sample containing "AR60sEarly" in the name is from the Abbey Roads 60s Early Direct Kit, and unlike the Autumn Kit they all load fine mapped to all keys and velocities.

    The Kit can be loaded as Group and works fine but the individual Samples should not have Zone data embedded on them.
    Definitively an overlooked sound design bug, tagged as such.

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