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Discussion in 'SPEKTRAL DELAY' started by Thomas @ NI, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Thomas @ NI

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    Hello everybody,

    coinciding with today's announcement of Komplete 5 which doesn't include Vokator and Spektral Delay any more, these two products are now officially discontinued. This means that they won't be available commercially any longer in any form (expect of sporadic left-over stock that might still be around in individual stores), and that they won't be maintained with further product updates. However, tech support continues to be provided for both products in unchanged form.

    Thanks for your understanding that while NI moves forward with plans for forward-thinking music products, a lot of decisions about development priorities and resource allocation have to be made, and some of them can mean the discontinuation of existing products that some people might still be fond of. Vokator and Spektral Delay have been the "old-timers" in our product arsenal for several years, and the recent Mac Intel update was the last substantial development effort that could be justified regarding their significance within the NI product range as it is today.

    Regards, Thomas
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.