Stacked wave-form views.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by t0t4l_n3wb, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. t0t4l_n3wb

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    I know right? Say I drop a sample of something that doesn't -have- beats.
    When I do that it says "the necessary information to form a beat grid wasn't detected"
    or whatever. So if I wanna match up a violin track or a synth track from an old RPG
    game to a DnB track or a common break like Skull Snaps - New Day, I can't do it...

    Also, that shoop-da-whooped screenshot was just to show that they -could-
    fit most of everything on screen (except the library, which you can get to with
    spacebar anyway) and still have the nice lengthy stacked waveforms.
    (yes, I know it looks 'ugly,' it's copy-paste...)
  2. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    It's called 'having a different opinion', get used to it... and I have barely expressed opinion never mind "naysay'd the crap".

    As I already said, I don't have any sway whether NI implement something or not. That's down to the power and relevance of your argument which at the moment NI obviously do not agree with. Don't blame me or anyone else on the forum.

    You say some strange things.
  3. coolout1

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    For what it's worth: Given the recent Serato announcement I'm a bit at the crossroads as I'm sure a lot of SL1 and TTM-57sl users are. I think it's cool that Serato is streamlining and pushing forward, but not cool in how they're claiming that USB 1.1 is the reason for dropping support of the older interfaces going forward with Serato DJ. Basic usb obviously has enough bandwith to play a couple MP3s. Does a 24-bit/96khz audio interface really make that much difference when playing an MP3 in a club? Not to mention with Serato DJ you lose the Ableton bridge (the only previous reason to upgrade the interface for me) plus they're now charging for extra effects. BOO! It all smells of an Apple-style cash grab. They've already saturated the market, then went for the lower-end, now the only thing left is figure out ways the get the devoted user-base to buy add-ons and/or everything all over again.

    I'm saying all this because even with those issues I'll probably upgrade my interface next year and i'm thinking of investing in a mixer/interface combo. I spend way too much time at gigs hooking up my interface, turntables. mixer. and midi controller. Being able to just plug in one USB cable, would save me a fair amount of time. The Z2 seems to be a way better deal than the Serato mixers, but my only apprehension with using Traktor is the lack stacked horizontal waveforms. I just think it's the best use of the screen. My Traktor Audio 6 is collecting dust for the most part because the current Traktor GUI really feels like taking a step back when I use it. Now would be a good time for NI to come out more GUI options. It's something small that would woo a lot DJs to transition from Serato over to Traktor.
  4. DrRek

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    the ipad and iphone traktor dj app displays stacked waveforms
    they have already implemented this in their i0S version
    why not in the PC/OSX version?
  5. t0t4l_n3wb

    t0t4l_n3wb Forum Member

  6. t0t4l_n3wb

    t0t4l_n3wb Forum Member

    With how people react on these forums 99.9 percent of the time (excluding the few rares like yourself), it almost kinda seems like neither N.I. or the denizens of this forum care about anything anyone who isn't them has to say, they keep reinforcing this attitude that "nobody gives a damn, we don't care and neither does N.I. - You're wasting your time. Just move to Serato already and leave us alone so we can sulk and be angsty in peace." I don't want to move to Serato, I want to see Traktor -improve- and speaking of "woo-ing" (even though this is off the original topic) - - I'm "woo'd" every time I hit the repeat on this. And nobody is saying "you have to use stacked wave forms," it would merely be an -option- for people who wanted it, same as Sync. "Real DJs don't use sync!" - "Real DJs use the phase meter and the beat grids or SYNC BY EAR!" - "Noooo, we don't want Traktor to copy VDJ or Serato! Keep Traktor original!"

    Yeesh... Make one or two requests for a feature, and you'd think you fed everybody's dog anti-freeze. Nobody's putting a knife to anyone's throat and saying "YOU HAVE TO USE IT." And this isn't even something really difficult like coding in support for the NS7, it's just giving an -option- in the GUI, like clicking on the decks or the effects racks and making them 'full view' or 'essential' view. GUI's get updated, it's kiiiiinda how they stay fresh and relevant, so why the hell -not- have it? Especially when they've done so on the iPhone version. And yeah, I realize that it's done in that version more out of -NECESSITY- due to limitations on screen space, oh wait, what did I just say? Lemme hear that again... "Limitations on screen space." Hmm... seriously though, look at my mock up, yes I know it's crappily shoop da whooped, but just imagine a Traktor where you've got your waveforms stacked under each other and practically everything that needs to be visible -is- visible, all at once.
  7. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Right... Enough...

    You have made your point and your request is documented (in full). Please stop ranting.

    Just because people are not queuing up behind you in agreement does not mean that they do not care about improvements or Traktor in general.

    It does your cause no good to say "nobody gives a damn", there are plenty of other members making requets.

    I am saying this as the unbiased Moderator because in my experience when someone rants and starts to call out the members, it usually leads to a p*ssing match and it invites trouble.

    Note: I am neither on your side nor against it. I simply want the thread to stay peaceful.

  8. t0t4l_n3wb

    t0t4l_n3wb Forum Member

    I'm sorry, Karlos. It's just the atmosphere, from my perspective, tends toward the negative
    and pessimistic, which in turn (as I believe is the goal) turns -me- negative and pessimistic.
  9. coolout1

    coolout1 New Member

    True...isn't the whole point of having a 'feature suggestion' sub-forum to provide a place where users can constructively discuss possible new features? If people violently disagree with a potential new feature they can just stay in the general discussion.
  10. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    users have to keep their expectations realistic within this forum, and sadly, this means keep them low. developers rarely say anything. most of the times what they say is, "i can't say if, what or when anything may happen." probably to avoid when they say "it'll happen soon", and years go by without whatever it was being discussed, actually happening. the same happens with support.

    to me it is lack of comitment from the company to its customers, plain and simple, but we are reminded constantly this is just a user forum. it is useful if you're having a newbie problem configuring traktor, want to know how something can be done - or find it can't be done, understand how traktor deals with your files or to get tips on how to optimize windows xp. most of the threads describe a problem already solved, with a reply or two pointing to another thread, kindly suggesting to RTFM, or to use the forum search. easy chit chat, not much more.

    while it is true that a few requests are finally implemented, it is misleading for us to have a 'feature request' forum where there's no real feedback and no accountability of its real use. i won't say whether it is fair or not. misleading, and sometimes frustrating -our fault because of setting wrong expectations.

    the name should be changed to "NI User Community's Wishing Well" to help users set the right expectations, when they "throw in a coin" with the hope their "dreams" will come true. because that's what it is, no matter how well you document a request, how polite you are when asking, how many times you get in touch with support...
  11. Irv_Tf

    Irv_Tf NI Product Owner

    Without wrinkling any panties or getting anyone into internet ganster thug mode. I would love to have vertical waveforms or stacked waveforms as well. I am willing to pay extra for them even if you are not. It seems many users have asked for the same features as well so there is a market for it. If you don't like vertical or stacked waveforms more power to you and I respect your decision.
  12. TroyMichael

    TroyMichael Forum Member

    I amazed that the Stack wave form has so much haters. Would be great if you had the option. I personally would like to see stacked wave forms option. VDJ has this.
  13. mastermc

    mastermc NI Product Owner

    old news
  14. P K

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    Another re-hash, pretty entertaining this timeround. Seeing Traktor users become dis-illusioned with NI, offend Karlos, then finally accept the reality that NI doesn't give 2 f%^ks about its customers. A little surprised Freshfluke isn't here to get offended also.

    This won't ever happen. I would pay extra for it, I would love to have stacked waves but it will never, ever happen EVER. It's been years - they know we want stacked waves.

    I gonna guess this has become a mini-vendetta type thing with some douchebag that has some say higher up in NI's food chain. Only someone with a title or a big paycheck could make this "never happen"
    Who ever you are - F*ck you!

    This section should most def be called the "hopes and dreams" 'cuz you're wishing NI would pay attention.
  15. t0t4l_n3wb

    t0t4l_n3wb Forum Member


    It's sad that the only way anyone can get this type of GUI layout is by -hacking- the program...
    Stacked waveforms should've been added as an option years ago. If the iPhone app gets stacks,
    why the hell can't TSP get stacks? And this work around is only on Macs, I'm on Windows.
    Looking at Serato and Numark's forums, it seems like they actually -care- about the happiness
    of their userbase, because they actually have involved discussions with them and make a
    deliberate, concerted -effort- to seek out their input on feature ideas and effect requests.
  16. NI Product Owner

    Not At ALL. NI is loosing the Game!!
  17. djreff

    djreff NI Product Owner

    Lost my friend, lost...
  18. bombshelboy

    bombshelboy NI Product Owner

    I like the beat matching thing above my tracks (The yellow bar that lines out) but seeing it stacked lets you calculate lining up your drops or cross-over sections. You could even just stack them in their own track window (Like selectable between the other 3 decks per deck right below the other waveform)
  19. djdsk

    djdsk Forum Member

    Please please please put the waveforms on top of each other there is no advantage i see to the way they are. I used serato for years before moving to Traktor and it is definitely the thing i miss the most .

  20. Double0

    Double0 New Member

    I don't see why the hot headed discussion continues, we are all different and deejays require different things from their software, I think NI has lapsed on this issue and has let serato and other software gain ground in the race for market share. At the end of the day people need a switchable interface which allows for the stacking of waveforms, as far as I see it is very hard to do because of the original framework of Traktor never allowed for large movements of the interface (I have no concrete proof of this, but look at the previous versions and see how much the interface has changed from 1.1). NI in this day and age where you go from number one to only a memory within a year should at least make their position known, we the loyal followers & users will back them once given great feedback and customer service. Take heed from another industry where nokia, motorola and now blackberry in their arrogance have found themselves at the bottom of the heap. Remember when a technic 1200 was the standard?
    Therefore the real cry is for the NI customer service team to issue statements when threads reach this level and get moderators involved more on key issues if you agree with this last part keep posting and rather than pulling down peoples requests push for change and or reasonable answers from NI!!!