Stacked wave-form views.

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  1. Irv_Tf

    Irv_Tf NI Product Owner

    I think eventually the whole UI will need a redesign to accommodate today retina's displays and HD displays. If they redo the UI for vector based graphics and still don't make stacked waveforms an option then continue complaining. For now give it a rest.
  2. kallekenkel

    kallekenkel NI Product Owner

    +1000 !

    It's very clear that this will not come in Traktor 2.x and we can only hope that a 3.0 is in the works and NI actually listens to their top user requests (flexible & scalabe UI incl. stacked wf, reworked browser w. smart playlists and colors, better controller editor with click&learn etc).. I, for one, would happily pay 100€ for those features alone.
  3. djpatch

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    Stacked or vertical decks would be fantastic!! Helps out for 3 decks and many drinks, that's for sure.
  4. Scoox

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    I've used Traktor for the past 4 years and it's the only DJ software I've ever used. Recently I've been checking out VirtualDJ which has stacked waveforms and it's so much easier to time transitions. You don't know you need something till you try it.
  5. DerTolleDeeJott

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    It´s always the same. If you dont want to use a feature, just do not use it.

    This discussion is the same with
    - SYNC
    - BPM- and key-analyse-function
    - Cruise-Mode
    - KEY-match / transpose
    - WhyUseWaveforms at all?
    - 30+ FX
    - why feature suggest?
    - Why use Traktor instead of CDJ / Vinyl? ( ;-))) )