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Start-up info for new absynth users

Discussion in 'ABSYNTH' started by lynchman, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. lynchman

    lynchman NI Product Owner

    Just bought absynth and a bit overwhelmed. Think it would be a good idea to give some praactical advice for new users to get stuck in to creating their own sounds straight away - rather than fishing thru the manual trying to figure everything ou. Hope this starts one.
  2. joelmusic

    joelmusic New Member

    that is a great idea, because i am a new user as well and would like some hands on practical advice on using absynth. hope to see some posts from some power users!
  3. Homebelly

    Homebelly Forum Member

    Join up with the yahoo absynth users group and check out the files section,, Brian has compiled a folder of tutorials and tips on sound design and programing in ABSYNTH,,,
    Also do a search of the web as a few magazines have run tutorials also,,,
  4. gmstudio

    gmstudio NI Product Owner

    I'd love to see a "Power Tools For Absynth" or similar such book, like Peff's "Power Tools For Reason" book.
  5. Spirit

    Spirit Forum Member

    Shouldn't those tips be on *THIS* site somewhere ? Why do purchasers need to sign up with Yahoo (yech) ? Brian is supposed to be a moderator here (although he never posts), and Absynth is an NI instrument yes ?
  6. Homebelly

    Homebelly Forum Member

    I think the deal is this,,
    The YAHOO message board has been around for about as long as ABSYNTH,,remember,, absynth was bought by N-I quite a while after Brian Clevenger had originally designed it and made it available as ,, i think i recall,, share ware.
    After N-I helped with the development and it became an N-I product i guess the YAHOO board was so well patronized that most people didn't bother to take advantage of this one,,
    No big deal really,, and besides,, even though ABSYNTH is an N-I product it is still very much Brians baby and he is so well established on the yahoo board that it dosn't seem to make much sense that he be in two places at once,,
    I would recommend every ABSYNTH user join up with the yahoo board as it is very active,, brian is very prominent and it has a great files section full of presets going right back to when Brian first put out ABSYNTH on his own site,,
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