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stems volume midi control issue with launch control xl

Discussion in 'STEMS' started by Clayc, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Clayc

    Clayc NI Product Owner

    hi im using a launch control xl to control traktor in stems mode.

    here is me testing it out:

    what i am finding is that the volume control of the stems tracks keeps getting stuck. When i pull the fader down to zero, the tractor stem volume often gets caught half way or doesnt move at all. Ive tested this with a midi monitor and launchcontrol xl is definitely send the correct midi messages. it seems like a bug in traktor. Here is an example video, traktor volume on stem 3 gets stuck near zero even though i am moving the fader up and down:

    anyone else having issues with this with midi control of stems parameters?
  2. Clayc

    Clayc NI Product Owner

    no replies on this but ive been talking with tech support. At this stage, i think its 'soft take over' that is messing with the volume control.