Step Sequencer with quick preview per kit

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Soundof, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Hey guys, I am sure this has been requested a million times (here's another one), but as Battery is a drum sampler, it's criminal for it not to have a step sequencer!

    Before anyone else jumps in and moans that Battery is not designed for that, no!! I'd say to you, it's not designed to make you a cup of tea but for beat making, then being able to quickly programme your beats is a must! Like the Piano Roll was not designed to programme beats was it?! But no doubt that's exactly what you use to programme your beats, perhaps after playing them live!

    I have especially been impressed with the VPS Avenger, which is a swiss knife instrument type really, probably tries too hard to do too many things but even that has a step sequencer! Another bonus is that it has a quick preview of each kit!

    Can we please have something like that, only better?!

    A preview is also important as over time, we all will have built many kits (possibly hundreds) and being able to quickly preview kits with a piece of music, you'll have an idea of what works best (or surprise ourselves with a kit which we may have never thought to use for that particular piece of music). By preview, I mean that for each kit, you'll program a step sequence most appropriate for that kit, could be 4 to the floor, Trap, or whatever, and that sequence is saved as part of that kit. So when going through the kits, it would perhaps automatically play back that particular kit's sequence, or maybe holding down a particular key on the keyboard (C3?). It would also load that sequence by default when that kit is selected, then it can be manipulated further then an option to drop the sequence to a MIDI track on the DAW (copy sequence to track sort of thing). Perhaps the option to have multiple patterns (like Reason Re-Drum?) too would be beneficial?
    Maybe one or two samples will need to be changed but it'll improve the workflow massively as a surprising kit may change your thinking towards that piece of music, like why make it EDM when you can make it Trap or something else!?

    The step sequencer should be large, showing all the different sounds loaded on battery (maybe having the option to hide certain samples from the sequencer in case someone has 60 samples loaded).

    I hope you can make this happen for the next release?

    Right now, I am at a crossroads, have used Reason and continue to do so, but I'd rather just use Cubase for new productions but the drum machine is the last piece of the puzzle, I need something easy and quick to use. As I own Battery (latest 4 version), I'd prefer it if you guys make it happen. Perhaps a Christmas present this year? ;p
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    IF Battery added a step sequencer ?? OMG!! They would KILL the drum vst game!! Im all for a step sequencer in Battery!!!!