Steps for a remix set.

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    In a way the fix is just a different option, making sure you have all in order and exporting.
    My guess is that the focus is more on playing of tracks and samples with as small of a footprint on background tasks to the remix sets and file location/saving. But it seems like a big circle to do simple saving that computers pretty much do non-stop and a very basic function.
    Yeah this is just good practice anyway, whatever you create should have a backup somewhere.
    I am pretty sure the backup collection files do include Remix Set structure and content, I think the problem is usually if the files or folders of that various parts of a remix set get accessed from is where the problems are being caused, possible changes to files(samples) from other programs Not sure but I have my finger pointing at possible changes to sound files by (ITunes, Mixed in Key, any meta data changes at all would cause a sample to be gon from a set) So export/re-import is the option and the backup. And make sure no programs or changes are made to The Content Import Folder, which is not usually added to any sound programs anyway.

    "you need to re-export a new master copy of the set to your manually created Remix Set folder"

    True the samples are saved to various places unless you export and re-import,
    captured loops (dragged from a track or loop recorder played 3 times to save) are saved in the default sample directory
    samples that exist on your drive and are added from sample packs or other remix sets will be accessed from the location you find them in. Unless you export and re-import the samples will be saved in different locations.
    An easy way to tell what is happening and how things are saved is to use the browser tree and open a remix setyou just saved folder from it, then click on it and you will see the saved samples for that set, they all seem to be there but if you right click on the samples you and select show in explorer, the samples will show up on various parts of your hard drive, then any changes to your drive or folders or any changes to those files will result in the remix sets not working.

    Any Remix sets that are exported/then imported according to the steps and techniques I have explained will be imported as .trak files to the Content Import Folder and have all samples in one place. So yes any changes you want permanent should at least be backed up as an exported .trak file. I don't always re-import the Remix Sets but I do back up any changes on my external drive.
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    Drop down menu under decks letter. Save remix set...
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    Wish it was always that simple.