still a little shocked that R6 browser is not revamped

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by nate, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. nate

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    Hi all,
    In love with many of the new features of R6. It seems so much cleaner, and Blocks is quite stellar. I simultaneously made the plunge to buying and committing to Reaper and ditching my cracked 7 year old version of Cubase. It's like making music makes sense again! Hah. Anyway...

    Is anyone else disappointed with the Browser in R6? I at least expected to be able to tag ensembles and instruments (or even patches!) like Maschine. Looks like I still have to dive into my annotated Excel spreadsheet with thousands of entries from my libraries of R6 back to Generator if I want to find something that makes "weird pings" or whatever. One thing I am surprised that the codemasters at NI (and on this forum) have never discussed (or I probably missed it since I take months/years off of making electronic music sometimes) is implementing some sort of version control for instruments. It would be spectacular if the User Library was wrapped into Reaktor itself with a github-esque feature to keep up with updated instrument versions, bug fixes, and forks to modify instruments for specific purposes. Being able to diff tweaked structures versus the "checked in" user library version, or reverting to old versions if an update weirded out your patches. My library, which is now almost 18 years old (some of my ensembles can legally vote in ths US!) is a completely unorganized disgusting mess. Now all of the R6 Blocks crap gets put in the totally random folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources . ok...
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    Patches/snapshots do have meta info you can add...
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    "Effect", "Instrument", "Both", or "None". That's a bit underwhelming. I guess the proper workflow would be to create banks of a certain sound type. Still, these aren't searchable in any way. Has no one ever suggested this type of feature?
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    This feature, like many others, has been suggested ad infinitum. Everyone would like a better way to manage their components. I like trees. But I also like ginger.
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    The odd thing is that you can tag snapshots in Maschine, for example, but then you can't use those tags in Reaktor standalone! :confused:
  7. Kymeia

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    There is also the Komplete browser which allows searching of Reaktor snapshots by metadata (at least those in factory ensembles) - but it does seem a bit strange not to have this built into Reaktor itself now - maybe NI felt that Maschine and Komplete Control were enough to enable the whole of NI Komplete to be in the database? I do wish they would make the process of importing third party banks and tagging them easier in Komplete but at least I can still do this (much more effectively) in Kore 2.