Straylight jedi let me pick your brain!

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Wreckless Life, Oct 22, 2020.

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    Ahoy! First time ever posting here! WHOOP WHOOP!

    Apologies if this is not in the right section of the forum and admins feel free to inform me and move the thread as needed.

    So yah! Recently purchased Straylight and Pharlight [both bangin!] and was curious to know how y'all go about mapping out that performance grid in order to use it in a live setting, BUT ALSO! If it's possible to map it to multiple instances of Straylight with different snapshots/patches/favorites running?

    Does that make sense?

    I have to play along with a band and want to get some real-time dynamic control of that while I have my loops running from both of those and get real nasty sounding!

    Also looking to hear any other interesting ideas on how y'all going about controlling it live! Been looking to work on getting that X/Y working with a TAP controller!

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!