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Studio One 4 Maschine MK3 Template

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Andreph, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Andreph

    Andreph New Member

    Just made this Studio one 4 and Maschine MK3, try it out, edit it, lmk what you think.

    The .ncc goes in documents> native instruments> controller editor
    The .surfacedata goes in user>you>library>application support> presonus software> studio one 4> surface data
    The other 2 ( .xml and .device) go in user>you>library>application support> presonus software> studio one 4> user devices> NI

    I haven't tried to transfer this to anybody else to test. Post if you're having issues and ill see if theres some files im missing or something.


    -Arranger>Arranger Track
    -Sampling, Pad, Keyboard>All open Editor, couldn't decide
    -Chords>Chord Track
    -Auto>Open Automation
    -Macro>Create Automation Lane for currently selected parameter
    -Swing>Opens Quantize/Groove Menu
    -Tempo>Opens Tempo Track
    -Pattern> Created new pattern midi region for any instrument, doesn't create normal region just double click in the arranger
    -Variation>Creates new pattern variation
    -Duplicate> Duplicates midi events and regions in timeline
    -Select> Cant remember what it does, maybe just turn it off in controller editor lol
    -Solo>Solos currently selected
    -Mute>mutes currently selected
    -Transports work normal except Erase> mutes midi or event, doesn't actually erase
    -Jog wheel> Navigate up, down, left, right
    -Pitch/Mod are Scrub Left and Right
    -Note Repeat > Engages note repeat ((Page 3 Soft touch buttons change the note repeat value) works how maschine note repeat normally works.
    -Page two soft buttons are the value for quantize/grid

    The knobs 5,6,7,8 are incremental zoom horizontal and vertical buttons when touched, not turned, they are labeled. Still can be used for mapping to macros but you can use 1-4 and 9-16 for that because the touch functions are disabled.

    Buttons on page one are undo, redo, quantize, snap to grid, nudge left, right up down. They're labeled on screen.
    Quantize increments and functions are the buttons on page two. Also labeled.

    Octave up and down are just the group buttons and the white pads are the black keys on a keyboard.

    Lmk if the files work.

    Edit: Updated the knobs on page one to read Macro instead of CC#
    Pretty sure it matches with the labels I used on the studio one side, makes it easier to identify.
    Turned off the select button cuz it did nothing..

    If any body can post the path for these files on Windows for PC users, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, I'll update these files as I improve the template in the next couple weeks.

    !!!!!!! Realized I left the library step out of the file path. My bad.

    New template is uploaded with note repeat. (11/20/18) Some things may have changed that I didn't mention. My bad.

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    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  2. skinswashdc

    skinswashdc Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. Studio One 4 and Maschine work very well together.
  3. audioblueprint1

    audioblueprint1 New Member

    Was this developed for Mac or PC or both? I downloaded the file and tried to follow the instructions but steps 3 and 4 are different on my PC. I cannot find "The other 2 ( .xml and .device) go in user>you>application support> presonus software> studio one 4> user devices> NI"

    I don't find application support
  4. Andreph

    Andreph New Member

    I made this on Mac but the files (I think) should be the same. The question is where they go on Windows and that I don't know. Sorry man. Hopefully someone with a PC can help. I'd guess you're looking for the folder in program files somewhere. Maybe just search for the "Presonus Software" folder and then from there I'd assume theres a 'Studio one 4> NI' folder..? The folder structure should be the same once you find the presonus software folder. I just don't know where it is on windows..
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  5. Stephen Bish

    Stephen Bish NI Product Owner

    Thanks for your efforts and sharing them Andreph. Nice to know it works for Mac. I'm currently waiting for a price special on the upgrade from 3 to 4 due to limited finances but as soon as I can afford it I will upgrade and instal. Thinks it best I download and save in advance.
  6. alienaircraftmusic

    alienaircraftmusic New Member

    I cant get it to work. Seems like I have different file paths than you. I don't know where to put the .surfacedata file

    "Host transport control"is checked in controller editor but it is still not controlling studio one 4
  7. NiceMixx

    NiceMixx New Member

    .surfacedata, .xml, .device
    Try putting all 3 files here:
    C:\Program Files\PreSonus\Studio One 4\devices\NI\Maschine
  8. gbrown44

    gbrown44 NI Product Owner

    This looks great however, I can't get the transport buttons to function on MAC. I've done the following:
    - copied .NOC to Controller Editor folder
    - copied surfaced data to "user>you>application support> presonus software> studio one 4> surface data"
    - copied .xml and .device files to "user>you>application support> presonus software> studio one 4> user devices> NI" creating the NI folder as none existed.
    - loaded .NOC in Controller Editor
    - add device in S4 using virtual in and out ports

    Transport buttons not working. In fact the only thing that works for me is the PADs, nothing else functions. I then placed the files into the root of their respective folders and still no cigar. Controller Editor does show Host Control enabled. What am I missing?
  9. alienaircraftmusic

    alienaircraftmusic New Member

    I got mine working, make sure the green "host transport control" box is checked in the controller editor
    EDIT: just saw you did that already
  10. gbrown44

    gbrown44 NI Product Owner

    I'm going to try it on Windows today. Just got a new computer build done hardware wise. Installing software now.
  11. Andreph

    Andreph New Member

    Haven't been on here for a while.
    To all wondering, I made this on Mac so I'm not sure where the files should go on Windows. I do know that the files types aren't specific to Mac and should work in the right place on Windows.
    If any one has figured this out, please post so that others can use the template.
    Also I have an updated template with note repeat functions and some other stuff that I'll post here in a couple days.
  12. Stephen Bish

    Stephen Bish NI Product Owner

    Got the Black Friday upgrade special yesterday so looking forward to trying this today. I had actually forgotten all about it so thanks for the reminder Andreph and thanks again for sharing your work.:thumbsup:
  13. Andreph

    Andreph New Member

    New Template 11/20/18
    Most notable addition is note repeat button works like Maschine with the ability to change values with page 3 soft buttons. Some other small things. Details in original post.

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  14. Nesbett

    Nesbett New Member

    Hey Boss I can’t get this work for nothing.
    I’m on Mac and my presonus folders is not in these locations.Can you make video ,this will help a lot of people.
  15. monophonK

    monophonK New Member

    Thanks you very much for your efforts!