Super 8 UI in Cubase 11 (High DPI)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Geoff Modulate, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Geoff Modulate

    Geoff Modulate New Member

    Just upgraded to Komplete Ultimate 13...

    Trying out the Super 8 but the user interface is pretty awful running in Cubase 11 at high DPI mode with "Allow Window to be Resized on" . Really surprised (because it's a new product) that it doesn't support rescaling/high DPI.

    Can NI start updating UI's to be able to rescale/support high DPI modes? I know not everybody has a 4k monitor but I can absolutely see it becoming standard in the next few years in the same way we moved from VGA to XVGA to 1080p etc, esp for users who also do video work or even orchestral composers who want a bigger layout.

    I get that NI UI's used a system that was never really designed for rescaling/high DPI but I think in terms of futureproofing, it's something that needs to come online given a lot of the UI's I use can rescale without much issue.

    Same thing with Bite and Crush, but oddly not with Machine, so there isn't consistency across the range. It's something you kind of accept with the older vst's (though if they are still being sold they really ought to be supported), but the new ones not being able to rescale? That's poor.

    What do you all think? Should all new vst's be able to rescale? Is it something you expect now? Should NI rework the old interfaces to bring them up to speed?
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  2. paul doolan

    paul doolan NI Product Owner

    Geoff its been a bone of contention for many a year on here but cannot see it changing any time soon.
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  3. Geoff Modulate

    Geoff Modulate New Member

    Why not? Given a good chunk of the product line does support, at least, the auto rescaling options in Live and Cubase (and some go further than that) should it not be made a standard across the range? I realise there are some older products that haven't been updated in some time but there can't really be much excuse for newly developed products these days not to be able to handle high dpi screens and rescaling.

    Can anyone from the dev team give an insight into this?
  4. Jim Curtis of Texas

    Jim Curtis of Texas New Member

    If you're on OSX, and you have aging eyes as I do, try using the System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom feature. You can use a key command and scroll wheel to zoom into any part of your screen at ridiculous magnification. This has literally changed my life, as it's turned interface elements that are too small for me to read or navigate easily into being usable.

    There might be a similar feature in Windows, but I'm not a go-to person for Windows features.
  5. BigPictureSound

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    I too, always want the best but I understand that in terms of VST instruments, NI only gets paid once by us per sale with no residual monetization to carry over into longevity updates like scaleable UI’s. This amounts to legacy technical debt with every single instrument release.

    That said, I’d be willing to pay for optional vanity updates like enhanced UI, or whatever. I don’t want to force NI into a subscription only model which is what will happen as their product catalog continues to expand along with maintenance debt on old sales.

    I certainly would love regular UI updates, but I don’t expect them to be free, not that you suggested they should be, but I am proposing a reasonable solution to maybe nudge NI into the direction.