Sustain pedal not working/inverted polarity FIX

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by theDMG, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Public service announcement!

    I have been puuuuulling my hair out over this for some time and figured it out, so I thought I would share as I'm certain others will fall prey to this terrible situation.

    Between my last (mpk49 mk1) and current keyboard (sl mk3) the sustain pedal would either be inverted or not work at all. Checked controller editor, the wrench icon in kontakt, midi setting on the controllers. I mean, everything and it would randomly work/not work. I move my keyboard quite a bit as the studio day unfolds or gigs pop up. There, the whole time, was the problem. Please see below a copied Amazon review of the Yamaha fc4a foot controller. I really hope this helps folks in the future. Makes perfect sense if your setup was plugged in correctly the first time and you never move it. I on the other hand unplug my keyboard quite a bit. Was goofing the set up order :(

    "Ok, I know you just bought this pedal and plugged it in with the power on your Yamaha Digital piano and it works backwards, right? It sustains with the pedal up, right? It has reversed polarity because you didn't unplug your adapter. Just to make sure unplug your pedal, unplug your piano adapter and plug in the pedal and plug in your adapter for the piano and turn on your piano and it should work correctly."

    Boom. Works like a charm...