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switching over during sets

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by jeromerelease, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    Noooooo! Listen to what I said before. CDs need a line input. Phono is ONLY for vinyl. If you have a DJM 800 or a Xone 62 / 92, then you need to run your left deck multicore "Line in" cable into say channel 1 (line input) and your right deck multicore "Line in" cable into channel 4 (line input).

    That way, your Traktor tunes will come through channels 1 and 4. Then plug your left deck multicore's "TT/CD" cable into the line in on channel 2, and the right deck's "TT/CD" cable into channel 3, again line in.

    Your normal CDs will now play down channels 2 and 3, your Traktor sounds through channels 1 and 4. :)
  2. jeromerelease

    jeromerelease Forum Member

    right...this makes sense. thanks for your help.
  3. crucial d

    crucial d NI Product Owner

    @ jeromerelease. you should at least attempt to experiment with your system before gigging with it. seems like you need quite a bit of acclimatisation. at a very fundamental level you need to understand the difference between 'phono' (turntable) and 'line' level (CD/tape player) outputs.

    re: your question about which mixers have multiple line inputs, there are many variations on the market. you will need to research what each one offers and balance that against what you want to achieve. there will be no easy answer as everyone has a different requirement.

    this system has been well thought out, and due to the nature of it, there will always be the need to fiddle around with input cables when plugging in to a club's system. there is no way around that. once you've done a few gigs you will find your setup times get shorter and shorter.... I can usually set up to any system in under 5 minutes.
  4. Lemonworks

    Lemonworks NI Product Owner

    The guy who played after me last Friday, using Serato & CD's, had cables that plug INTO the back of the CD decks and then into the phono leads that lead to the mixer (The opposite way round to the TS leads).we changed from TS to Serato in seconds.

    This makes SO much sense as its generally a lot easier and quicker to get to the back of the CD deck than an installed club mixer!

    But it leads to an interesting problem.......

    With the Audio8, you need to have both the mixer in AND the TT in leads connected to the mixer for TS to show correct calibration. IF you only have the mixer in you get 'calib failed' message and TS only works in relative mode.

    If I have to set up quicky whilst the show is on (which is most times!) i leave the Mixer TT/CD out of the set up and just use the Mixer In, Also plugging in whilst some one is playing is plainly crap and looks really unprofessional especially if the decks are on a stage.

    There are two points here-

    1. I'd like to see a future update of TS address this calibration issue, if the TT/CD lead is just a 'through' then it should have NO effect on the calibration process. Although TS seems to work fine, its abit unnerving knowing that the software aint happy!

    2. Also how bout a new lead for us touring Jocks? with male phonos at the cd end (plugs directly into the CDJ) and a female phono at the other end.

    Sorry that this doesnt help you control vinyl types, but I'm def seeing more and more control cd touring people out there.

    Apologies for the rambling nature of this post I've been thinking about this for a while and that guys lead was an ephipany! (I lead a sad, sad life :-;)! )
  5. progen

    progen NI Product Owner

    Now THAT'S strange because I do not have this problem. There were times when I ran RCAs 1 - 2 splitters at the CD players' outputs because the other DJ wasn't convinced that the multicore cables wouldn't introduce any noise into the signal path so I had one set going to the Audio 8 and another set going direct to the mixer.
  6. DJ_AS

    DJ_AS NI Product Owner

    Regarding point 2 above, you can buy gender changer adaptors so that the connectors are whichever gender is more convenient to you.

    May be an idea to use some insulation tape on the adaptor so its stuck to the cable securely. Otherwise you may unplug the cable and forget the adaptor.
  7. Lemonworks

    Lemonworks NI Product Owner

    thats interesting! anybody else out there confirm this?
    can confirm that the gender changers work. Only thing is that the mixer TT/CD part of the lead won't reach the mixer if the mixer is more than 40cm from the cd deck.

    Have checked again and i'm def getting 'calib failed' if the TT/CD lead is left unplugged.
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