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Syncing Ableton & Traktor

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by electrogrimey, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. electrogrimey

    electrogrimey Forum Member

    Easiest way to sync Traktor and Ableton/other on seperate laptops?

    I'm trying to figure out how to sync my laptop with another. Mine is a Mac, running Traktor and sometimes Ableton, and the other is a PC running Ableton and Reason. I have a Profire 610, which has MIDI ports.

    What's the best way to sync the two?
  2. DiscoPoelie

    DiscoPoelie NI Product Owner

    Send MIDI out from traktor (activate a checkbox in the prefs, and then from the master/MIDI clock panel underneath FX1 start it). And then set Ableton to recieve MIDI clock.

    YOu probably can do this the other way around, but I think it makes more sense to make Traktor master, as you'll probably just fill in 'gaps' with ableton between your DJ set...

    Offcourse you need MIDI piped between the 2 laptops. You can do this with a seperate soundcard for each laptop, and 1 MIDI cable. But I'm sure there are utilities to send MIDI over TCP. It's even built-in in Mac OS... But personally I would just go for the MIDI cable sollution (simplest, and lowest latency).
  3. HouseContainer

    HouseContainer Forum Member

    Don't use a MIDI cable, it is less stable and has a higher latency then MIDI over ethernet. Maybe if you have very expensive dedicated MIDI hardware MIDI is a good option. But in my experience you get a good MIDI Sync when done over Ethernet.
    I still need to write a tutorial on how to do a sync between Traktor and Ableton Live using Wac.networkMIDI.
  4. ihy2000

    ihy2000 Forum Member

    So did it work :) ?

    i am trying to pull this off but without luck, i've tried to sync over midi but it is not stable so i went with network sync.

    Here are the steps to sync with Wac.networkMIDI:

    1- With a cross over cable(to link 2 computers directly without any hub or network switch)//both computers see each other now..they are connected.

    2- I have installed MidiYoke(restart needed) on both windows computers/Wac.networkMIDI as well.

    3- in Traktor 1.2.6->Control manager: added a generic midi device,i've set the output port to midiYoke1

    4- Wac.networkMIDI(Master) routed the in from midiyoke1(which is coming from Traktor now)//of course the in the master WAC.network you have to type the ip of the slave computer.

    5- Wac.networkMIDI(Slave) routed the out from midi youke1(which is the signal from the network that i will route to ableton or what ever)

    6- in ableton i've selected the the midi in from midiyoke1(coming from Wac.networkMIDI(Slave)) and i've enabled the sync.

    7- started the sync in ableton

    8- started the midi clock in traktor

    9-Wac.networkMIDI in both machines are ticking and i can see the data stream(it works)

    when i've started playing traktor, ableton started to play as well but in traktor the BPM is set to 130 but in Ableton it is bouncing between 126 to 132.

    i've tried the same thing with Reason4 and with traktor(as slave on the secound machine) the bpm is not stable.

    I've tried to change the clock offset in traktor to compensate for the delay but still the same.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. goonzy

    goonzy Modérateur

    I didin't know wac.networkMidi and it's definitely the best IP midi solution I've tried yet (and it's free).. Thanks for this great discovery for me :)
  6. dj_stick

    dj_stick NI Product Owner

    hmmm that latency is caused by the USB-midi conversion, if you had a firewire or pci/x device with a midi port, you'd probably get better latency/less jitter using a standard connection, but no one makes those anymore....

    MoL is probably the way to go these days... I wonder how well it works wirelessly....

    EDIT: as for the jumping BPM, I really think that's due to the inefficiency of the MIDI clock, or traktor's implementation of it.... really needs to be a better way, MIDI is something like 30 years old (or more?)
  7. HouseContainer

    HouseContainer Forum Member

    The jumpy MIDI Clock of Ableton remains an issue. With an MTC signal it could be improved a lot but Traktor doesn't support that.
    However, I believe I got this working with a pretty stable result. I'll check to see what I might have done that did the trick.
  8. ihy2000

    ihy2000 Forum Member

    I really appreciate doing that :) thanks in advance.
  9. Pjotr123

    Pjotr123 NI Product Owner

    Midiclock jitter is most probably caused by the OS. Priority setting for midi time handling deep down in the OS. Nothing much you can do. Tried all opted solutions and still jittering tempo.
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