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Synth Preset that sounds like Roger Zapp Talk Box?

Discussion in 'MASSIVE' started by hiphopwong, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. hiphopwong

    hiphopwong NI Product Owner

    Hey there,

    I was wondering if anyone out there might know of a good synth patch either Hybrid or Native Instruments that would work for a Roger Zapp talk box type sound. I believe Roger Zapp's patch is an FM Sawtooth from a Yamaha DX 100. I can't really justify buying and setting up an old board for just one patch if I can get the same sound or program it on an existing soft synth.</p>

    I've been using a synth patch from my older outboard Roland XV-3080 with Vintage Synth expansion board. The patch I've been using is called Naked Cheese and it's good for the lower notes below middle C but the higher octaves don't have the cutting biting abrasive sound that I'm looking for with lots of attack.</p>

    If you have your own preset please contact me and email it to me if you are willing to share thanks!</p>

  2. Summa

    Summa Sounddesigner

    I don't know the Roger Zapp talk box Sound but FM8 can import DX100 presets...
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