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t3 decreased a lot readability of tracklist vs t2

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by mr.Positive, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. mr.Positive

    mr.Positive NI Product Owner

    In t2 font was white, now it is grayish, and it makes a lot harder to read on fast glance and corner of my eye.
    Please make it brighter. Rest of ui looks nice, but this thing bothers me a lot
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  2. boysteve

    boysteve NI Product Owner

    This seems like a good place to put in my vote to increase the visibility of the scroll bar handle as well. It's now a dot that's easily lost, as opposed to a draggable square that's lighter than the surrounding scroll bar.
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  3. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    I agree.
  4. lauti

    lauti NI Product Owner

    Agree on this too