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Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by Mattvankk, Feb 1, 2020.

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    I need a little bit help. I have Reaktor 6 here. But my computer doesn´t handle the power to try something like that:

    I do this with Reason and have good results in sound and CPU performance.
    I would lovely do this with Reaktor but i´m not sure about the CPU Specs for this.

    I don´t want invest a lot of money in a computer because i could sold Reaktor 6 and get Reason but if there is a payable solution
    i would do it.
    In the moment i use a Lenvo N500 Dualcore 2ghz for Reason.
    For Reaktor6 blocks i would use a Desktop PC and a Screen(24 inch?)

    Oh! I would only use the Blocks or patchblocks for this.

    Thanks for reading and advice.
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    You can easily do something similar in Reaktor with an anemic CPU but you want to stay away from Blocks for that purpose. Try some of the older ensembles and see what kind of performance you get. The older structures hardly take any CPU at all these days.
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    I am Techno producer myself and use Reaktor a lot in my productions. However, having listened to your track in Reason (nice track by the way) it would be difficult to recreate that easily in Reaktor. The thing is, it is not appropriate to compare Reaktor and Reason in this way as one is a full DAW and the other an instrument. For sure Reaktor can make all the right Techno sounds and sequences but you would still need a DAW to arrange the various phrases.