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That Flying Lotus Sound.

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by arkay, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. arkay

    arkay Forum Member

  2. carloskleiber

    carloskleiber Forum Member

    Granular synthesis I don't think so, you would loose all depth and punch and stuff, sounds more like very lofi samples or they just massacred the master:)
    cool tracks...
  3. spencerTron

    spencerTron NI Product Owner

    also try some lowpass noise and sidechaining kicks...with everthing

    then> bounce to akai tape deck > record vinyl crackle over whole mixdown :D
  4. Videohoax

    Videohoax Forum Member

    to me it sounds like the main feature of FLying lotus production is side chain compressing the **** out of the main melodic or background pads with a very bassy fat sampled drum kit. Cubase 4 has this feature built in finally, but there are a couple of $ plugins that can do it pretty well. Trying to set it up manually for me has been very difficult but there are a lot of youtube videos on how to side chain in cubase 3 and below using a normal compressor i just failed at doing it.

    he does alot of those commodore style super fast arpegios on his stuff like a lot of the lazer bass genre these days, Oki computer (an older reaktor patch) can probably do them quite well.
  5. spencerTron

    spencerTron NI Product Owner

    the commodore arpeggio sound can be done well with many a synth, we used carbon one in this example (i think thats how we did it, except with lots of written midi, i can't remember...but here's a tiny clip...side chaining helps alot) i put a bit too much crap distortion on it just now to see what it would do...:confused:

    Edit : if you haven't already, have a look up of 'wonky' as a genre for more ideas...F'lotus and many others fall under this, with their 'slightly off the grid beat arrangements'...an offshoot of hip hop more than dubstep in my opinion but some good stuff all the same...

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    Last edited: Mar 17, 2009
  6. big920

    big920 NI Product Owner

    i was listening last night and this post came to mind. it might have been all the smoke in the air but i swear i heard skrewell and gauger, i am most likely incorrect...
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